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Monday, November 29, 2004

Food fest again..!

I didn't go cycling yesterday coz it was raining so my butt is spared from the agony.. instead I went for a movie called School of Seduction with my sister.

We had dinner at Bugis, afterwhich she went for lan gaming with her friends while I met up with Fabian, Humaize and Jiahao at Arab street for seesha ..and some more grub.

In case you are wondering what my sis looks like, here she is.

I want to take some pictures at the seesha place we went coz its pretty nice but my camera phone's resolution is too lousy to take a decent pic plus the lighting is too dim for my phone to capture much clearly. Arrgghh.. I want a digital camera.

After staying for a few hours, Fabian wants to drink red wine so we went to Somerset coz I proposed going to Round Midnight since it closes at 6am. Here's the funny thing, Fabian parked at the carpark of Centrepoint and we walked up the staircase to a backalley on the groundfloor. I have no idea where we are but could hear some groovey music so assumed we are at the back enterance of some bar but am totally clueless which one. We had to walk through this narrow strip made even narrower by this line of big dustins at the side and entered this enclosed area where there is this funny door which I can hear the music was emitting from inside. I opened the door and stepped inside... directly into Ally Bar.

We had entered through the door where the staff goes out to throw the trash and it opens up in the direct view of everyone so it was pretty amusing for everyone especially the staff. We trooped out of the place feeling pretty silly but pretty entertained.

Now I think I want to enter pubs only through their back doors instead. Self entertainment is the key to such misunderstood desires.

Round Midnight was pretty deserted but I suppose it is due to it being a Sunday night so *shrugs*. Everywhere else was closing up because it ws already 1.30 in the morning. Fabian was wearing slippers so we couldn't got to clubs as well thus in the end we went to Newton to eat.

Introducing: Cockles


"Zu Zu"

and sambal fish

After half an hour of demolition and abuse to their physical self...

the deserted gravy of the doomed shells..

the lonely and orphaned onions and cucumbers

the grisly carcass of the fish..

as for the cockles.. their dismembered bodies and carelessly strewed only leaves one to imagine the ordeal they had gone through

And the enemies of such helpless defenseless peace-loving creatures :




View the hand merciless hand plucking the innocent creatures from their bright young futures.

Being a helpless bystander I can only silently wept at the abuse of such deliciou.. delicate marine life and swallow my sadness at the mangled bodies of the skewered yet yummilicious poultry of either a cow, chicken or a little white lamb.

Thus, the least I can do now is this:
I give you, a picture of thier former glorious selves.
Let us remember them them that way.


The result of such a fun "filled" night, a tummyache this morning and still going on now.

Sigh.. have been looking forward to Sentosa for Mariam's birthday today... the weather is perfect and I want my she bought lots of FOOD. *sulk*

I think I will go take a couple of painkillers and try to make it.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Gosh, has it really been that long? Affairs of the sore posterior

I can't believe its been so LONG since I've last updated.

Just a quick recap what has happened since the last time I've blogged:

1. I've lost 4kg
2. I've dyed my hair
3. My freaking exams are finally freaking over

Although yes I should be estatic that I'm finally free from the boring mundane regime of school life but strangely not as well.

The last paper was a few days ago, Wednesday, in fact. By Thursday, I'm already moaning and all out of sorts due to having ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO.

Why? Why? Why? Isn't it great that you have nothing to do?!!! Hell you can now do anything you wish to and can loaf around as long as you like!

But it is a great belief of mine that there is absolutely no pleasure in having nothing to do. Pleasure is only derived from having something to do and not doing it.

Going to go cycling with sister now.Will continue when i return.


*2hrs later

Well, I'm back. My butt feels soooooo sore now. This is the result of having too much rich food and pampering my fat bottom with too many cushioned seats. Cycled to Pasir Ris beach, watch people fly kites, lay back on the grass and stare at the sky and the poofy clouds and let happy Mr Sun warm me up.

My sis has just persuaded me to cycle to East Coast Beach tomorrow, I shudder to think of the ordeal that my butt will go through. I can still remember the last time I did, the journey home is lengthened by numerous stops to comfort it as the discomfort is getting more discomforting... but agreed grudgingly due to her commenting that when I stood up to cycle, my bum wobbled. This immediately bring to mind the image of my butt as jiggly as a bowl of jello. Naturally fear and horror of turning into one great lump of jello no matter which colour or flavour is the main motivator for tomorrow's activity.

Itinerary for the following 3 days:

Sunday - Cycle to East Coast in the day and Arab St at night for seesha with Humaize and Fabian.

Monday - A day of frolicking at Sentosa beach for Mary Jane Lambert's birthday.
Quote:Hither, come hither, and frolic and play. --Tennyson.

Tuesday - Watching Bridget Jones' Diary with Aliah

Hopefully 3 days in the sun with the aid of super strong sun tanning oil will baste me into a nice brown colour instead of the chalky white that I am now.


Oh and yesterday I went out with Darren and Helaine!

Darren bought me to Sim Lim to buy the wireless device that can allow me to infrared my photos from my handphone to the pc instead of mmsing to my email and paying 50 cents each time I sent one.


This is me before the money-saving God sent gadget:

This is me after the money-saving God sent gadget:

And then after that the eating spree begins.

The three of us walked from Bugis to the starhub centre at Plaza Singapura to accompany Darren to pick up something there and along the way, we make stops to eat once something delicious caught our eye. And yea, we shared all the food so we can accomodate more in our bellies along the way.

1. a plate of Char Kway Tiao and Mango dessert at Bugis (me and Darren only as Helaine is still at a ..goat farm dancing merrily on her bare legs to get in touch with nature and being a flower girl.)

Sorry for the digression but I couldn't resisit making a dig. Once she told me she's at a goat farm a vision of her in a floaty white dress sitting astride a white goat with a garland of wild flowers in her hair and a septre in her tiny hand appeared in my mind. And in that fantasy, she rode into the sunset with the whole herd of goats behind her while she brings the enslaved creatures out of captivity into a life of freedom and happiness...


2. Pesto cream pasta at Beach road
3. one delicious piece of pineapple tart (me only)
4.marble cheese cake at Secret Receipe at Plaza Singapura (highly reccommended.)
5.Dumplings and sweet and sour soup at Chinatown People's park complex. (the hawker beside OG, highly reccomended as well)
6.Tian Tan (Dessert soup) at another place in Chinatown.
7. Sweet pumpkin balls at Maxwell

All in the time range of 5 hours. It was marvellous as we can walk aroud and eat different kinds of food without the nasty feeling that we can't take in anymore.

Thus: We eat:

And eat..

And eat..

And eat.

Which is why these 3 days of exercise is going to be soooo good for me.

Will update on the scale of 1 to 10 how sore my butt is tomorrow night when I get back.