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Sunday, September 23, 2007

How I survive the Tsunami/Hurricane

According to the good people of the china media, the Hurricane/Tsunami (well, I didn't find out which it is) is the worst that had EVER hit Shanghai for the past 10 years.

Being known to the fact, naturally I went straight to a pub at the Bund or to be known as Wai Tan (beside the bloody river) and ... waited for two nights, drinknig wine with my mates and .. anticipating with great morbid eagerness.

I even wore high heels and short flirty skirts to make it more challenging.(you know, the whole holding on to skirt as I run daintily across the roads in the bustling wind.

TO conclude, it was windy, slighty rainy but the rain completely stop after 10pm and erm.. yea. I survive.