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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Monster blog?

Oh yea.

The photos are back!

Please don't ask me how coz I'm too elated to go through that whole fucking story again.

(In short it is just a very dumb thing on my part which involves restarting the computer. But its a story or another day. Possibly never.)

Anyway am listening to Skee-lo - I wish right now. Wicked song. Sought me out on MSN and I will send it to you.

Lyrics this way.

Other songs that I am into right now:
Fog Hat - I just want to make love to you
Rolling Stones - I can't get no satisfaction

Yea, I know its pretty funny putting the songs together like that. It sounds like a before and after sex songs you put on to listen to or have in your head when words are useless in expressing situations like that.

I on the otherhand have not encounter such a depresing combination of songs to myself yet.

(Jolyn, does WK get you satisfaction?)

Just feel like asking.

Here 's a breakdown on all the stuff I did since I last update.
1. Went to Wuzhen during the china national holiday for 2 days with flatmate.

Nothing impressive. Only thing I really like there is this red oriental shoes which I wore for Halloween for the very first time and they are totally destroyed.

2. Went to Hangzhou and Wuxi for a party at both places with the BF. REal crazy trip.

The trip was fantastic.

Not the scenery.

I think my most memorable part about the whole trip is that we could not get a hotel at all on the first night in Hangzhou so me and the BF went back to the pub (where his friends are at) and end up rocking to the rock songs they are playing and he trashing people at the pool table.

THe next morning head out to the famous XI Hu river with him and mate. I don't get it. XI HU is suppose to be the gorgeous place as it is reputed. But I think, the Pasir RIs , East Coast or even the sand imported Sentosa in Singapore looks even better.


I would not even want to justify myself by putting up photos. Waste of my time. That place is so commercialised.

Oh and talking about photos, I am going to post all my photos on Facebook instead of here. Its tiresome to upload on photobucket and transfer to here.I'm lazy like that and I find it really a great waste of time.

Its going to be pretty convenient. I'm going to put the link of my album up so you guys can still view it even if you are not on Facebook.

Here's the most recent one for Halloween:

I dressed up as a Rocker-dead-chinese-ghost thingy.. ehh.. yup. I think that about spells it right.


I love Facebook.

I'm pretty busy at work these few days but still I kept it close by, open in a new window browser and go check on it once in a while. The tagging of photos, the applications to download, the knowing at anytime when anyone of your friends are updating and thinking about today.

Its geting a bit obsessive.

But then again I'm pretty sure ,after the honeymoon is over for me and Facebook ,its going to regrade to the status of Friendster and Blogger.. something I still do once in a whilr but not on my mind constantly anymore.

I have such a whore's heart.


Oh and Aliah, hey, happy birthday once again.

Here's your 8 things:

1. I always wake up one hour after my alarm clock rings. Thus sacrificing making and having a luxurious breakfast for myself.

2. I like to listen to rock songs and dance around in my room. Do that most often after I bath and I just groove around the room wearing my bathrobe for at least to 3 songs.

3.I dislike mean insensitive arrogant stuck up people who think they are so gorgeous.

4.I like beer, but I really shouldn't with all those calories.

5.I like the idea of me in the gym, working out hard... again.. idea of it.

6.Deep down I am very very nerdy but I do like to think I'm pretty cool.

7. I always wish I can look good in t-shirts but I suck in them

8.I wish I am shorter. Too many guys off the radar just because I'm too tall. Damn.


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