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Friday, August 31, 2007


Went to this moraccan restaurant just now at this place call Barbarossa. Its situated inside a lovely park, this isolated building with a little river right in front of it. Very pretty place, 3 storeys high with a outdoor terrance, you can see high rise building skylines beyond those lush greenery around..

I wanted to take more pictures but was having dinner on the first floor and so all I took was some photos of myself and the food there. By the time I reach the second floor with the gorgeous view for drinks, my camera went flat.

Can you see my face getting visibly thinner? That's 3 kg weight lost. Haha!

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Oh and thanks for that necklace! It went very well with my blue cotton dress.. love it!

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Total damage: 286 rmb.

The pasta is the best of all. The beef stew is average, but the lamb balls are disappointing. 4 lamb balls laying an two slabs of bean cakes with hummus spread in between.. for the rate of 50 rmb. Not very nice.

A date at that place is very excellent though.

Soft candlelight, diana krall singing in thr background, the cool night breeze, my flatemate and I lament so much that why we had to come with each other to a place like this and not on an actual date with someone else!

Another reason why I love this place, Thursday is Ladies night. They served Bailey's free for ladies from 9pm - 12 am.

Oh yes, I had my glass(es) of milk and you can be sure I can sleep like a baby tonight.


Gym tomorrow at 8.30pm. Need to run off the guilt.


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