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Monday, August 27, 2007

Its really goodbye to you this time

I have discover a new way to get slim fast. Just cry your heart out one whole night and miracle of miracles. Everyone keep telling me I lost weight the next day without prompting.

Crying really burn a lot of calories.



How I dash to the door and hug you so tight the minute you come from work.

How I always tell you all those gooey mushy love stuff and force you to say them to me.

Yii Dear Dear
Yii Ai Ai

How I always make you sleep with me and make sure I fall asleep at night before you can go do your stuff.

How I hurry you home from work all the time so I can see you.

How I like to stare at your face .. no matter where we are.

How I always want to hold your hand even when we are eating. You always scold me for doing that. "Sam, How can I eat with one hand!"

How I always make you hug me.

How I always steal kisses from your lips.

How I always like to squeese your face

How I like to shake and throttle you and tell you to keep saying that you are mine only and you always pretends to end up dead.

How I always wake you up to eat breakfast with me.

How I always love eating breakfast with you

How I always sing love songs to you in repeat mode.

How I force you to memorise those songs I create for "us" and for you to sing to me everyday.

How I cry the first time you got sick

How I cry the first time you got mad with me

How we talk on the phone every single night

How I always say we should break up but both of us can't bear to be apart from each other

How happy we were.. wherever we are.


I could go on forever.

But forever is no more.

I love you dear.

I'll always remember and I hope you will too.



Blogger eduardo waghorn said...

Very original space, indeed...:)
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4:18 AM  
Blogger Iceman said...

Take care ...

12:17 AM  

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