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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Birthdays are a wonderful thing

Hi guys,

Its been a flurried of birthdays nowadays. I have been constantly on Skype and singing Happy Birthdays in the earshot of bemused colleagues for the past few days including today for a few people.

One time its two songs for two people in one session and I'm starting to feel like a birthday song vending machine.

But you know what, the smiles I hear at the other end of the line is worth all that silly singing.


The weather here in Shanghai nowadays is similar to what cookie dough feel in a hot oven. Its hot, extremely hot. So hot, this ice princess actually perspires and I have droplets of perspiration forming on my brows on a mere 7 mins walk to the office from my apartment.

Thank god for air-conditioning and big love to the guy who invented it!


Happy Birthday Wan Ru. Hope you have a really good one today.

Oh and Jolyn, in the reminder of that, my office address here is

No.2789 West Yan An Lu 200336.

Ahem. Heh.


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