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Monday, July 23, 2007

Can Fedex really send anything and send it by 10.30am the next day?

I wish I can pack everyone, my mum, my sis,my brother, my friends, everyone near(or rather far) and dear to me in a giagantic fedex box and sent to me by 10.30am tmr.

I can just picture it now, the fedex man knocking on my door and use a crane to set this big fedex box on grass field right outside. The box is tie up in this big beautiful red bow. The box is open and all of my dears come rolling out on the grass with untidy hair, all wearing overalls with big crazy grins on their faces.


p.s. I can't seem to leave a msg on my own chatterbox.. so.. to Dearest WK, on your latest comment, let it be known that when I come back, don't think the only scandals that I will share is mine only.... hehe....


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