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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Shit..I'm JOLYN LIM CHIN FEN'S best friend now.

If you are reading my blog, most likely you know Jolyn Lim Chin Fen as well.

May not directly, but still should have heard about her coz I always like to talk about my friends to friends. SO eventually, all my friends kind of "know" all my friends.

Jolyn wrote a blog dedicated to me recently on August 25th.

(Yes my dear, its wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue.)

(and no, you are not going to extort $200 from me for membership fees)

(..and NO I don't look like a bloody Ah Lian on our first day of orientation!)

Ok, Jolyn keep complaining about why I did not tagged or reply to her postthat she work so hard on.(sorry). Well, coz bloody china server is very resistant towards Singapore servers. I had to go to in order to access my blog. Right now, I won't be able to tag on anyone's blog except mine and Aliah's.

(btw, love you Ali!)

So I will post my response as an entry.

Happy? haha.

Ok , thanks.. for your entry. I love it. I feel like a cat after a big bowl of cream.

..but. do you HAVE to put that many unflattering photos of me???????!!!

Hey, I got my poise, sexy, sophisicated image to uphold alright!

Also, I thought this entry is solely about me, which is why a wry expression appear on my face when Keong appears in the entry at the end.


Wa kao.

Idiot. Need to insert Keong in meh.

*mutters mutters* "say write about me still die die want to add Keong inside also..."

And what you mean by "enduring but irritating attendence"!

So I'm wondering, despite of all those nice words, cleverly and stealthily inserted are sentences of criticism of groundless accusations and attacks to my almost.. no.. not almost but perfect nature.

You die when I go back Singapore Jolyn.

As best friend, I do believe I have the privilege to smack you on your head whenever I want to now.


I just came home from this great place call Zapata's.

Realisation of how well I could talk to people hits me when I had a really funny debate for an hour with a Swiss guy talking about women and their underarm hair, how many women shave it.. or not shave it and how much he farts when he drinks.



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