idiotic fallacies

"My heart is a brothel, it has many rooms." - said by a philandering character in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's books... when one simply likes too much things, this is the

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

BEWARE! complaints ahead..

phew ... life sucks.
just when you though things can't get any more boring.. life decides to give you a new definition of it. juz like coke and coke lite.. ultimately they are the same but juz adds on a new "twist" to it.

damm exams damm the stupid education system damm stupid GNPs and all those stupid unequal distribution of money for all.why can't ppl just use their stupid pig brains and arrive at a consenses of "equality for all" ? is that too hard to comprehend? difficult yes. cynics laugh all you want just because you find this theory illogical and will bring drastic consequences and thus will go on and on about the drastic nosedive of the market of certain countries, the unrealistic inflation in "undeserving" undeveloped ones. well i say scew them! all these complicated and so call "grandeur" rules are invented by men right? you created them you fix them.

what's humanity anyway?we talk about compassion and moral values and gives 10 to 20 cents to the student "volunteers" holding the pathetically half empty cans sweating it out in the sun and walk away thinking ahhh.. i've done a gd deed today.. well, look deeper beyond this superficial idea of being a saint. don't do things out of obligation. do things because you want to instead.