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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Birthdays are a wonderful thing

Hi guys,

Its been a flurried of birthdays nowadays. I have been constantly on Skype and singing Happy Birthdays in the earshot of bemused colleagues for the past few days including today for a few people.

One time its two songs for two people in one session and I'm starting to feel like a birthday song vending machine.

But you know what, the smiles I hear at the other end of the line is worth all that silly singing.


The weather here in Shanghai nowadays is similar to what cookie dough feel in a hot oven. Its hot, extremely hot. So hot, this ice princess actually perspires and I have droplets of perspiration forming on my brows on a mere 7 mins walk to the office from my apartment.

Thank god for air-conditioning and big love to the guy who invented it!


Happy Birthday Wan Ru. Hope you have a really good one today.

Oh and Jolyn, in the reminder of that, my office address here is

No.2789 West Yan An Lu 200336.

Ahem. Heh.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Can Fedex really send anything and send it by 10.30am the next day?

I wish I can pack everyone, my mum, my sis,my brother, my friends, everyone near(or rather far) and dear to me in a giagantic fedex box and sent to me by 10.30am tmr.

I can just picture it now, the fedex man knocking on my door and use a crane to set this big fedex box on grass field right outside. The box is tie up in this big beautiful red bow. The box is open and all of my dears come rolling out on the grass with untidy hair, all wearing overalls with big crazy grins on their faces.


p.s. I can't seem to leave a msg on my own chatterbox.. so.. to Dearest WK, on your latest comment, let it be known that when I come back, don't think the only scandals that I will share is mine only.... hehe....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh yes I'm Back!

Yes. I'm not dead.

Welcome back to me too!

Here's the bad. In short, something cock up in the china server leaving me unable to go a lot of singapore websites including my own blog.

But, luckily, one genius friend introdue me to ("Peek at Work".. nice name right?)

Peek at Work
Surf all your favourite websites at work

"Peek At Work is a fast, secure & reliable proxy website that enables you to bypass firewall blocks and web filtering software. Our firewall bypassing tool retrieves the webpage you choose, processes it through our anonymous proxy server and sends it back to you."

So next time you guys want to surf for some highly intellectual information and graphics like "100 styles for hair" (for Darren), or "100 ways other than Karma Sutra" (for Blackie and Jolyn),"100 ways to be an exhibitionist creatively!" (The Brachaels)... ok I think you get my drift.


I read all you guys blog just now and believe me its a delight to be able to read them again.

Xia Yan and Brandon: I'm sorry I'm not there for your birthdays.Damm! But anyway, Happy Birthday once again. :)

Love you Brandon - You have sweet mushy love now. May your love remains and remains and remains...

Love you Xia Yan - Darling, something that I love about you is you are not afraid of voicing out the insecurities that all people have but never dare to admit for fear of losing their pride. I couldn't. But you always can admit your true feelings. Its good.

(But sweetheart, don't overindulge in it ok? Heh.)

Mariam: I went through the photos you had on your friendster. Good to see you are as vain as ever..hehe How many guys are you seeing now?????

Darren: I kind of like the "toolonghair" look. Its.. different. On the photos with the mini pictures it looks kind of cool. Honestly.

Wanru: That's good for telling those assholes off in the train. Good for you girl!

Aliah: Your hair is so LONG now! You look really pretty!!! I will date you if I'm a guy.

Helaine: Pumpkin, I did call you when you are hospitalised. Called you thrice on Skypee but you did not pick up lah. So let's not break up. I miss you and your fantastic boobies sweetiepie.

Wee Keong: I love your little black butt. So pert.

(Jolyn are you sulking now? haha!)

I love your cute little red lips.So red, so cute.. but so dry sometimes. But really Keong, you are always one of the special friends who I really love hanging out with. You are such a cute little black dude.. special with a big heart and I love your mind.

Jolyn: Ahh, I read all the special mentions in your blog. You must be missing me really much ehh girl? You mentioned me so much! :)))

Thanks... I like it. :)

And I miss you dearly too.

...........and where is my dedicated post you procastinator?????!!!!!!!!!

I just finish a bag of potato chips, my roomate went back to her hometown for two weeks so the whole house is mine. Luckily I got my DVDs as mates here.

Anytime you guys miss me, just text me and I'll call you back that day. I'll use skype and if your incoming calls are free, there'll be no extra charges don't worry. :)

Love to all. :)


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