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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Have you look into a mirror recently?

I've met up with a friend that u had not seen for ... I think at least 6 months recently. In my mind I always think that he will be the type that will look "forever young".. surprise surprise...I finally do not feel he looks like a boy anymore!

Furthermore, he have reached the Manly Age.. which I like to circle it as the ripe age of 27 for all men, so perhaps its time for him to lose the boyhood now too.

With that, being a narssistic, I turned the attention to myself.. have I changed??? ...aged?????

Frantically I grabbed a mirror.

Skin: Flawless
Eyebags: Undenialbly still in deep existance
Lips: Still thick and pouty
Nose: A nose surgery is still on my wish list
Figure: I'm pleased as punch that people are banning underweight models FINALLY! ..So what does that tell you?

I cut my hair recently. Short, bob style with bangs.. feeling pretty please actually because I look so much younger! Its terrible.. I want to look older when I 'm in my teens.. and now arriving at a "ahem" decent unavoidable adult age I crave looking young.. but its that things we don't have that makes us chase it more. Hah!


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