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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

And let the countdown begin

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year, thus to all my chinese friends Happy Chinese New Year. May thou receive lots and lots of ang baos. (unlike yours truely who only receive up to now,only two.. but with generous amounts inside... from my folks.)

But this is not the issue that drives me to get off my lazy butt to write an entry now. How many entries can one read about bak guas, visiting relatives and the horrendous amount of ang baos they have received for one day alone.. you smug inconsiderate jerks.

It is a matter that is close to my heart.

Valentines' Day.

It is now officially 6 days till V Day... and I'm in agony.

I did thought I have my potential dates lining up.. well the darnest thing, every year as soon as that day looms, something will always happen that will ultimately leave me alone to either to rot at home or brave the streets while been under the gloating eyes of smug couples linking hands every where casting an image of happiness and truimph while throwing me a look of disparage and utmost pity.


Bitchy Girlfriend(who most probably have herpes from straying-boyfriend )gasps:"Oh look honey, that poor girl is walking ALONE and on Valentines' Day!"

Ugly Boyfriend (who have herpes and a whole lot of sex diseases due to having orgies comprising of both sex of ages 50 and up because the twice weekly trip to Geylang for supper is killing him financially due to being a poor jerk): "That poor girl! Oh look how lucky we are to have each other! Lets kiss and stare lovingly at each other. We should flaunt our love to each other, today is for us!"

(and they walk, joining by the hip and with the girl holding her overpriced roses and chocolates like those in a beauty pagent and the guy holding on to the girl's handbag.. smiling overindulgently everytime they pass by a singleton)


And to my friends who wants to set me up with Mr Nice Guy, or that blur-but-absolutely-cute-guy in her office.. or the one that one of my girlfriends says she will grab for herself if she is not strangely entranced by her mildly retarded boyfriend... those guys that they claim I absolutely have to meet...

Well, I have three words for you,

Bring it on.

In fact, the more the merrier.

Just set me up as many as possible before the 14th and if I manage to find one I do like (and vice versa and thus have a happy V Day due to YOU), you are going to be in my eternal adoration.


p.s: And even if I do end up alone again this valentines.. let it be warn that I will personally rip the guts out of anyone who tell me to "use this time to enjoy myself and celebrate being me." I can do that for the remaining 360 days.. excluding Christmas and New Years.

Good luck to you all. :)


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