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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A reminder for resolutions

Being the indulgent egotistical person that I am, naturally I reread what I have wrote in my previous entry.

Boy was it serious sounding ay.

WEll, I was in a very serious mood baby.

New Year is coming people, time to make your resolutions and remember for those involved, our exchange of resolutions are still in play.

And for Pete's sake please don't make up something like "For next year I resolute to buy a pink dress to wear on my manly body so I can feel how does pretty feels like." (that's for you Darren)

..Oh and also please include an entry of the most significant event that has happened to you in the year 2004.

And let me remind again, gushing," Oh once again knowing Samantha has and always will be the highlight of my life.".. is not acceptable.

Of course if nothing really sensational has happened to you all year and you really want to make people go ooh and ahh over your gripping life, you can always make something up like that time when you got really lusty and rape a guy in the guy's toilet (a suggestion Aliah), or how you posed naked for a budding artist whom you met in Europe and have a romantic fling with (Helaine, take note).

As for me a storyboard has already formulated in my mind as I write this, I will save the story till that day but for those that wants some sneak preview, it involves a lot of hunky good looking guys wild in love with yours truly and me being indifferent. (yet discreetly having secret liasions with all of them). It will be a story full of love, lust, a whole lot of hunks and just ONE lucky girl at the centre of it all.

And Xia Yan, as much as you want to gush about your real life love story with Bryan, don't. Not only it will make my delusional story seem weak, and the rest of us feeling utterly lonesome and miserable. It will also eventually fill us up with rage and frustration to have to make up stories and thus will end up with me chopping you up, marinate you lovingly with brandy, flour, pepper, salt, a dash of tumeric and cook your tender carcass for supper.

(Note to Xia Yan: Say something tragic instead. Lie and exaggerate as much as you can.)

That will be all my lovelies.


Blogger ash ng said...

wei wei ! its been along time i drop by ! lol ! :)

Cheers n have a wonderful 2005 ahead gal ! :)

3:40 PM  

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