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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

New job,hatred men and christmas

I was so stressed and frustrated ever since the "carefree" days started as not being able to find a decent job that I like (9-5pm plus interesting) thus I was not surprised that I finally cracked (the boredom boredom boredom!)and went back to my first love: the F&B industry.

I'm starting work at Indochine (Boat Quay) Monday!

Am fairly excited actually.. actually I always feel pretty excited whenever embarking on something new.Fabian is working there too, actually he is the one who introduced me to the job so its gonna be great!


You know what's more infuriating than single yet not available men?

Taken yet pretends to be available men.

Senario: Good friend I had mild crush on always (because he is hot hot hot) was FINALLY flirting with me on msn last night and I was delighted but refrain myself from flirting back because he is married.

Not that he is married when I got to know him but he was married last June and although I was a tinsy weensy disappointed but well, still friends.

But why why why he wants to flirt with me only when he is married?!!!

I hate taken but pretends to be available men.


Christmas. Another bittersweet holiday. Don't misunderstand, I always love Christmas.Christmas has never failed to bring this glow in my heart that I always felt whenever I read fairy tales when I was young. The certain element of magic I always feel in the air and tingles down my spine and I start to see everything through rose tinted glasses and hear romantic music wherever I go. The air itself feels wonderful and December is the only month in the year where I feel heady and intoxicated and feel my life is like in a lovely dreamlike stage where I am dancing everyday.But being single always for christmas does not exactly make it as joyful as it should and can be. Its like haivng this perfect romantic setting and feeling yet not having the other lead actor to play it with.

Dark chocolate.

Thus: This Christmas I'm going to spend it working again and relish on this dance and the feeling till reality comes again.


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