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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Too much fun is making me sick

I'm going to Desaru with my fabulous best friends Fabian and Humiaze later on in the morning.

And I'm sick which is bad because no way I want to spend my holiday nursing myself back to health in a hotel room!

Think its my own fault and not some virus that was passed to me through kissing.. and if it is there can only be one person that can be blame for that. Mr Nicely Detached. (Yes, I've seen the light and will only stick to nicknames to avoid further uneccessary trouble)

Ever since the exams are over, my life consist of a whirlpool of endless fun and activities, went clubbing on friday and sunday (at gay clubs mind you so I was v.decent except for the slutty dancing which obviously is redundant as definitely will not get me any but still indulge in slutty dancing because feeling slutty although am not.)

Sigh.. nose is stuffed with tissue to stop flow of water pouring out of nostrils.. hope I'll be fine by tomorrow .. and my luggage is not packed yet...but am feeling weak.. arrrgghh.. why why why???


I am so sick of emotionally detached men.

Mr Nicely Detached is doing a fine job of that. Why do I always have to fall in love with the men that definitely are BAD for me? Why why why???
Its not like I do not have other better choices (meaning stable) could it be that I am purposely sabotaging myself from having a wholesome relationship by falling in love with men that can't be there? Am I sick? Could this be some form of self defensive mechanism due to not wanting to be trapped into a wrong relationship thus unhappy marriage like my folks?

..shucks I don't know. I want to love and to be loved. There I admit it. The right man may be a little lost in the woods searching for me and I am also lost in these line of men that are wrong for me. But hell, I believe we'll find each other. :)))

Thoughts getting incoherent. Needs rest.. arrghhh.. need to pack... damm I'll pack tomorrow morning instead. Bye~


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