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Saturday, October 23, 2004

My fernleaf cup said "New Zealand cows breathe fresh air.. Duh.

Well I did say yesterday that I would make a list of all the things I want (or I hope I will) to accomplish in my bloody glamourous exciting (sic) lifetime.


1. Be the first female President in Singapore.
.. on second thoughts better not, but hey if you feel like having a radical President for a change, this is what I will PROMISE to do if I'm President.

a) make gay and lesbian marriage legal
What? Hey, I just want to be made a bridesmaid more often.. and the thought of seeing my gay best friend in a wedding dress always bring tears of laughter.. oh no joy to my eyes.

I just want to make this dream a reality why not?

Think about it, vote for me if you share my dream.

b)lower alcohol tax
ciggies are bad.. but alcohol? It just keeps one h a P p Y. Why deny the pleasure of the 7th heaven of drunkeness to the less wealthy? If they want to a night of foolishness or idiocracies and having one of the best unrigid fun night in exchange of facing the consequences of mild: an afternoon of hangover, medium: keeps banging head on wall due to recalling doing some unthinkable acts eg. smooching or even *gasp* woke up with a ugly dwarf hugging your naked body and giving birth to a dwarfish baby 9 months later, or worst: any senario that will leave you demented and mentally unstable for life.

Usually most alcoholics just fell into the mild catergory, personally, my worst drunk experience.. wait a minute, there is no worst one. All of them are all cringingly memorable in its own interesting way. Like the time when I 16 and dancing on the platform at ceased to be gay club Niche, I got so drunk that I doubled over and puked at the side of the platform, spend the next 45 minutes hugging the toilet bowl and slept outside the club with my friends around me talking and eating prata and only waking up at 6am dishevelled, bleary eyed and instead of looking like a glamour puss (that I should) .. look like a transvestite after a long night of work.

Perhaps its the stubble that gave that impression then.

Ahh, the joys of the drink. So potent, dangerous yet forgiving.

3. Travel the world
Who doesn't right? Also, I hate tour groups, they always make me feel like I'm in a sheep ..the whole group are sheeps and they are just herding us from one place to another. You never get to go where you want to go , always miss out on some destinations and always did not have enough time to look at the places you arrive to see before you are bundled into the bus to dash off to someplace else.

4. Meet (and date) Colin Firth and Hugh Grant
Its a dream, but hey, we should always try to dream big dreams right? Yeah.

Shit... spent too mch time writing crap so running late now. Will try to complete list by tomorrow then. Toodles.


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