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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Giddy up

Yeah I know I told some of you that I'm shutting down this blog and create and entirely new one. (out with the old in with the new.. hell whatever) but taking another shot I guess.

Come on, I am kind of sentimental. Not easy just to press the delete this blog button... although I still will some day. HaH!


Ok, I don't know how many of you have actually seen the movie, "Head Over Heels" starring Freddie Prinze Jr, and Monica Potter. It was showing on HBO last month. The only person I know who watched that movie before is Aliah.

Typically, yes as the title suggested it is a movie where a boy meets a girl and BAM, falls in love and at the end of the movie sees the two of them snuggling together looking content and happy while staring deeply into each others eyes.

Well, fuck Monica Potter, I want to be the one staring deeply into Freddie Prinze Jr's eyes. *sulk*

Actually the only reason why I like the movie is because of Freddie. Just look at him, how can ANYONE resist him!

I envy the girl acting as Buffy in the hit drama series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".The only reason why I envy her is because she is married to Freddie Prinze Jr.

I think I fell in love with him while watching the movie, "She's All That".

Ok, I'm digressing, because this is not what I want to talk about, just momentary distracted by the beautiful beautiful gorgeous vision of Freddie.


Back on track, in the movie, "Head Over Heels", there is this scene where Freddie first met Monica while taking his neighbour's dog out for a walk. The dog was so horny when it met her, actually pounced on her while trying to mount her from behind. So there is this shot of the not so lovely Monica on her fours with the dog humping her behind.

Yes, although the shock factor is there, but that is absolutely the most disgusting shot I've ever seen.

.. okok I know I've seen worse, but what makes it disgusting is because I was totally unprepared for it.

Come on, it is one thing to see it on on the internet in a porn website, but hell, an nc16 movie? Most probably the director knows that the movie blows even if he have Freddie Prinze Jr so decides to throw in that scene to wake the people that are almost falling alseep.

Imagine senario:

14 year old kid: Mummy, what is that dog doing to the lady?
Mummy: Erm, nothing Honey, the dog is just playing with the pretty lady.
14 year old kid: Mummy, can I play this game with Biff (the house dog) as well?
Mummy: (shouting across to husband) Honey, get rid of the dog tomorrow will you!


I'm not saying that every child with a dog who seen this will want to try it, but I think that is so done in bad taste.

Romantic comedies are suppose to supply the romance and the illusion that such spontanous and picture perfect love exist, just like fairy tales delude you by always ending with "..and they live happily ever after."

If I want to watch porn or beastility, I would download it from the net, rather than sitting there preparing to be deluded and then see a dog trying to get it on with the actress.


Oh, and I've just seen this video clip of the randy horse chasing this farmer from behind while trying to pull his drooping jeans down, and in the end manage to sit on him and hump him.

And my friend is going to send me this one of a guy making a fish give him a blowjob...

Yuk.. but

.. that is funny shit!


Blogger i hate hypocrites who try to "correct" you said...

i watched the movie countless time cause of monica potter ya noe.. did i told u tt? she looks soo pretty! and i love the parts where she'll go all sad when freddie's not near. the emotions! argh. think its cause i can relate. hah.

p/s he's not that bad. ;O)

7:52 PM  
Blogger butterflylady said...

yeh Freddie is cute in the SNAG way. wats with animals n human huh. we r so pathetic, there is not enough humans to go arnd.

8:19 PM  

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