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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Zen and Greg

"Kok Xiong come, play with me and Jie Jie.."

The little boy turned towards the direction of his sister's voice and run towards it.

Big watery eyes, fair skinned.. rosy cheeks..the little rose bud lips.. Kok Xiong look like those sweet angelic cupids you see painted in those art paintings.

Due to being raised in a traditional chinese family, Kok Xiong has always been pampered by his father, mother and two sisters, especially his Daddy.

"Kok Xiong come, look at what Daddy bought you! A remote control car!"
"Kok Xiong, you like the toy gun?"
"Kok Xiong, come, Daddy bring you to watch movie! What movie you want to watch?"

Kok Xiong was pampered by everyone because his father longed for a son more than anything in the world. In fact this was his second wife. His first wife was unable to bear him any children. He threw the first wife out and divorced her after his mother was told from the fortune teller that he will not be able to have any sons with this wife due to the mismatch of their eight characters. The fortune teller also told the superstitious mother that his son can only get a descendent if he marries a voluptuous woman with an enormous mole on her chin.

Soon after, the father really manage to meet a voluptuous woman with an enormous mole on her chin while having coffee with his friends. She was just sitting at the table in front of him facing him and wearing a red garish looking dress so it was difficult not to notice immediately.

They got married one month after the father went up to her and introduced himself and he got himself a daughter nine months later. He did invite the fortune teller to his wedding that night, but the fortune teller did not turn up as he was away on holiday with his lover. You may wonder how would a fortune teller be so rich to go on a holiday? Well, apparently he have a extremely discreet side business as a matchmaker as well, and receive big angbaos from his customers especially from those he manage to marry off successfully to rich families.

By the second daughter, the father was fuming mad. Didn't the fortune teller promise him that he will get a son? Furious, he went back to the fortune teller dragging the wife along with him. In rage, he punched the fortune teller on the nose as soon as he opened the door and demand for an explanation or else...

"Don't worry... I'm sure you will have a son next... you see because you are a man with too much ying in you so that is why you have two daughters.. to expel the excessive amounts of ying... once you have balance your ying and yang.. you will have a son...."

The fortune teller cowered into the wall when the father raised his fist again..." You better not better be a son this time..or else..."

"Yes..yes.. certainly... erm.. just leave your wife here with me while I perform the rites on her to expel the ying.."


"Leong, I'm scared he'll find out."

"Don't worry.. he won't. Anyway he's impotent, how is he going to have children with any woman! Just relax, take off your clothes now."

"I..I ...don't want to.."

"You..stupid woman!" He slaps her.

"Do you think you could have got yourself into this luxurious life without my help? Look at you! With that disgusting mole and the figure of yours, who would even take a second look at you!

Slap slap slap.

"Be grateful you bitch and stop crying! You are nothing without me. Nothing! I can help you and I can break you! Resist me and you will see the consequences! Do you want to go back to that dump of yours?"

"No! no....nononono.... no.."

"No? That's right, that's a good girl now.. come with me, yes lie down. Once a week as repaying me isn't that bad right? He wants a son, we will give him a son... hahaha.. that sonafabitch.."


Nine months later, Kok Xiong was born.

[to be continued]


Blogger Midst of the Woods said...

What an ill-fated story!

1:52 AM  
Blogger Samantha said...

well, i always wanted to write short stories but always did not have enough time (nor patience) to write it. *bleh* yea...this is a tragedy..(for the time being) hope you will enjoy it. :)

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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