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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Me? High standard? no lah..Its guys who have the high standards.

Again I have bought myself into a position where I have invited mockery and endless teasing from my friends due to self-indulgent harmless writing.

In my last entry as a jest I've written my criterias for my dates and the comments pour in thick and fast from friends through smses, when we meet up or they just call me direct to slag me off teasingly over the phone.

This leaves me to ponder: do I really set such high standards?

Let me rephrase those answers in simplistic terms thorugh their number order:

1. name
2. his expectations
3. height. (well you don't expect me to want to bend down while talking to my date right?)
4. are you at least average looking?
5. have anyone said you have mental or abusive problems?
6. age
7. intelligence

I rather think these are quite normal right? Hahaha...


I've noticed that recently everyone is on the subject of slagging off men and their idiotic preference to women, their impossible traditionalist standards, their MCPness.

Another example I would like to add:

Yesterday night I was at a pub in one of the hotels in with Fabian and Humaize. Basically it was full of caucasians and I was the only chinese girl there. One of them really caught my eye and his name is GREG a navy pilot from NYC. Tall cute and hunky with great broad shoulders and a slacker lazy charm, he was the first guy that make my heart do a little merry dance since ..for long as I can remember.

Fabian introduced us and we talked. I peppered him with my charming wit and irressistable crap talk... which hopefully he finds entertaining...hahaha... well to cut the long story short. The boss of the pub asked Fabian am I an SPG and why was I talking to Greg? Come on we WERE INTRODUCED and what makes you think that every woman who talks to an ang moh is an SPG? He then asked Fabian how well do he knows me, and the latter replied pretty well which is DUH coz he is supposed to be my best friend. Then the bugger persist and asked does Fabian go out with me often? Fabian replied "oh one to four times a week." And that bugger replied victoriously :" Well, you don't know what she is up to the rest of the time."


I hope I can say that I just laugh and toss his comments off me coz it doesn't matter as who is he to me? Plus I know I am not such a person and am an independent girl who likes men that are witty and cute regardless of race, age nor country.

BUt sadly, it does bug me.

Especially when after Fabian told me this he ask me not to go over to talk to Greg as well and ask me to stay put near the toilet to wait for him. When I ask him why can't I talk to him he replied: "Sam, don't be a slut."

I am pissed. How can just be branded a slut once I walk over to talk to someone I want to know?

Fabian is kind of mcp I know. Reason why he said that is not that he thinks I am a slut but rather he does not want me to be think of as one.

Next time, I promise myself as long as my conscious is clear I am fucking gonna do whatever I want to and won't let anyone's bias judgement torment nor restrict me. I don't care anymore. I don't want to care about the sterotypes and whatever shitty virtuous gag innocent holy image women are suppose to have.

Are some guys really that DUMB WITTED sometimes? Even if you met up with a girl who seems so angelic that you would like to bow down and worship her as your one and only goddess, even if you are gloating when you THINK you have found that person, have it EVER occur to you that it was done just to PLEASE you? Its all for APPEARENCE SAKE??????

Although I used to like to call these girls artificial sweeteners who will give give me diabetes but I need to say that if men doesn't have that fucking sterotype of women from all those stupid drama serials where girls are so sweet and gentle that I can gag from all that sugar syrup they are oozing from, maybe they won't have to act that way anymore.

I will kiss the day that men can drop that sterotype and just happily let us be ourselves.


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