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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Sweet Demure Me?!!

Being outspoken is not a valued virture to have for a girl in the eyes of a guy.

Blamed it on protecting their ego, chauvanistic nature and whatever manly traits that guys seem so afraid of getting bruised by girls, through experience, the race that seems to have the most problem with more outspoken girls are chinese guys. Don't believe me? Look at all the taiwanese soaps or most of the chinese soaps you have on tv nowadays. All the girls in question have long flowy hair, looks godamm sweet and are able to make googly eyes at their manly male counterparts. Please don't even try to protest that some of them are pretty tough as well, (gd eg. Meteor Garden's Shan Cai).. come on, she LOOKS sweet as well right?

To quote an anonymous guy friend ..or rather a consenses of several guy friends, they say that having a girlfriend who is more simple minded is more assuring to their ego. One said that once he dated a girl who discussed so much philosophy with him that he freaked out (because he have no opinions of this subject of his own at all) and he spent the next 3 days shivering in panic beneath his blankets in his bed.

That's why he prefers girls that preferbly have lesser opinions than he does .

Him: "What do you want to eat?"
Her: *simpers and smile sweetly* " I don't know, up to you."
Him:"What do you want to do later?"
Her:*simpers and smile sweetly*" Where ever you want to ."
Him:" Great movie huh?"
Her*simpers and smile sweetly*"Ya loh..hehe"

I don't know about you but I find that most boring.

One of my girlfriends whose name I can't reveal but I know she'll be reading this you manipulative little minx...hahaha..she always have plenty of opinions of her own when ever we talked and I think of her as a highly interesting individual who have her own mind doesn't compromise that.

I was having coffee with her the other day when her current boyfriend drop by for a while. The moment he arrive, there was a total transformation. Suddenly whatever I asked her, instead of a interesting repartee turned into a boring tittering bimboish monosyllabic answer. The boyfriend on the other hand when I asked for his opinions answered with gusto but frankly not very intelligently. Her reaction to his answer is just smiling sweetly at him and keeping her mouth shut while her boyfriend rattle on and on about his somewhat chauvanistic theories.

Her explanation after he left is that he does not like girls that are too opinionated. The first and only time she try to express her own views is rewarded with a flustered disapproving visage, but she likes him enough to swallow her opinions to herself..and also through experience she has know that if she wants to get a guy to notice her, sweet and simpery she must and sweet and simpery she shall be.

Up to date she has attracted 27 guys using this method since january by contrast of only 10 in total last year.

See my point.

Of course some of you will protest "not all guys like that what!" Before you turn around to spit that in my face please remember its impossible to have anything in entirety. Of course not all guys are like that lah!

"A lot only mah"

Sweet Samantha


Blogger butterflylady said...

i tink women r smarter than guys tink we r.

i'm sure every gal ve use d "helpless damsel" 1 time or another.

but we cant change ourselves juz to protect their ego rite?

i tink tis sterotype image of a woman is a result of media influence n traditions.

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

heyz gurl,

can i date you? :)


6:36 PM  

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