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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Repeat after me : Sam is so nice

I have to say first, a BIG THANK YOU to my friends for celebrating my 21st birthday with me on saturday. I really want to say thanks to all those that turned up even though it was an extremely last minute thing.

A BIG KISS to all those that helped my buy my the bbq food for me while I rushed home to get the other food stuff and da cake.


AND special appreciation to Mariam and Helaine for going home with me to lug the the goddamn heavy stuff to the chalet with me.. plus helping me clear up the moring after as well. Love you guys. :)

Sorry about the long absence since my last entry. Have been soooo tired and busy with things.

Plus, my wit is as dry as a passive's crack without the ky jelly.

But finally today is the day where INSPIRATION strikes!

I've decided to write about Me.

Dear loveable adorable Me.


For starters, have I told you how nice I am feeling today?

I'm so nice that I have a halo hovering over my head and have the nickname "Angelic Sam".

I don't feel pissed nor bitchy ..just nice.

Which most probably is because I am now simply too tired to feel anything else... but still! I am feeling sooo nice today.

So nice that I decide to reward YOU my dear faithful readers a photo of me and my niceness. (plus the halo hovering over my head)

NOt only does this photo portrayed accurately my wonderful radiance of innocence, it also show my glow of youthfulness and the spark of intelligence in my eyes.


These two photos on the otherhand reveals the comic talent me Helaine and Aliah have. Not only that, it depicts the flower of naiveness and blush of wacky earnestness in us.

Ahh.. the beauty of youth .

Its not SO easy being so nice and yet stay modest and humble knowing the fact that I am such a nice and wonderful human being.

In fact its pretty darn hard.

I had to make my rounds everyday to my friends telling them not to keep telling people that I'm nice. They tell me all the time that they don't and they won't, and even got to the extend of not picking up my calls or even make a u - turn when they see me on the streets.

One even rushed headlong into a busy road at Orchard Road during peak hour at the mere glimpse of me the other day.

But I know the truth, they do that so they will not be coerced by me not to say I'm nice to other people anymore.

Come on, I know you love me guys, but just let me be the anonymous nice person and stop spreading me around.

I'm exclusive and am a extremely shy and quiet person who likes my privacy and anomity.

Thank you v.much.

Before I end this entry to go polish my halo so it'll be extra bright and shiny to the extend that people have to shield their eyes from its brillance, let me just say this last thing.

Don't say I'm nice anymore. I'll be terribly upset if you do. I do not need people to know of my greatness. I really don't.

* the person writing this article enjoys reading human psychology as bedside light reading. She particulary enjoys practicing the theories she learnt and finds reverse psychology highly entertaining.

**If you have caught the drift of the article and hint above, you can stop here. If not proceed to footnote below.

*** If above article and hint above is too vague for some readers to understand and really will not upset writer by spreading her greatness around... Let it be known that the writer do like people knowing how nice she is.

... quick, call all your friends to tell them now!

*"Repeat after me : Sam is soooooo nice...."*


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