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Monday, August 02, 2004

Guilty as charge

Yesterday night had a midnight conversation 3 way with Fabian and Veron. I was complaining about how bleak my love life was and how the right guy never comes along and even if he does something will definitely happen to fuck it up.

And there I was bitching and moaning about my pathetic love life and why things never work out with the guys that I like and how come I always attract the guys that I don't like when Fabian suddenly interrupted me and say,

"Sam, you are as bad as the men that rejected you what, you treat men like objects."

And it hit me, he is right.

Not that I really treat every guy as an object, just the guys that I date. After the first date, as long as I feel that there is no chemisty for me, I'll give the guy the brush off,meaning never to go out with him ever again even if they are really nice to me because I will feel like I will be wasting his time and mine.

Vice versa, when a guy that I do like does that to me I'll be most miserable and think he is a scumbag.

Ahh.. the vicious cycle of dating.

So what are the proper social etiquettes of first time dating then?

Agreeing to go on a second date just for the sake of it even if you are not interested just for propriety's sake or taking another shot at it?

Personally- nah.

Then can we ensure that with every date there will be a close 100% guarantee of success then?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian or rather Zhenghao here again....hahah anyway there is no hard and fast rule to dating....brushing someone off aside just by going out once is kinda harsh and a sucky method to throw someone off the line... first of all, going out with someone even if its a date doesn't mean you must like that person or that person must like you. I myself go out on dates with friends as well....I can go out with a girl one on one on valentine's day to a posh her flowers but then again we are just good friends. If you are sure that the guy you are going out with likes you, hint to him the other ways...but it doesn't mean you can, should, must or may not go out with him. :)

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