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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

HOw life treating you bitch?

I need an adventure.

Life has been uninteresting and boring this past week ever since the exams ended, its like Frodo going through that long exilerating journey full of suffering and pain and when everything has ended and he goes back to that bloody Shire, bliss lasts for a while and then boredom sets in and the need to roam and look for something interesting to occupy my time and mind starts again.

Three guys walk into a bar... god.. there are just too many ways to end that one.

Pc is down...or rather the moniter is. Last time it flickers as if willing to delude itself into thinking that its a freaking star. I think I must have listen to the song "when you wish upon a star" at night too much.

After that it sorts of think its alive coz it starts to swell slightly as if to show its breathing...and then it just dies out. I think its hiberating itself.

You know what they say about things and their owners. They resembles each other. God, I'm delusional and have my head up in the clouds thinking all sorts of stuff all the time as well no wonder my pc is doing the same intead of just being contented being a non-animated object.

Stuff that I usually do when I am bored:
1. read
2. shop
3. have coffee with friends
4. surf the net
5. go out with friends
6. watch cable

But, I'm broke, plus I can't borrow books out of the library coz my overdue fines are too much and as I've mentioned, my pc has spoiled.(I'm using the school pc btw,and its sooo much faster than my inefficient and can't believe its cable speed pc!arrrggghh!!!).. and there's nothing gd on tv.. even cable..*sulk*


Blogger butterflylady said...

oui, dont b so pathetic lah.. u dont expect life to b a rollar coster ride when your 'a's is like in ...1...2....3 mths! its your mood lah, not d things arnd u

5:34 PM  
Blogger i hate hypocrites who try to "correct" you said...

the post-exams period is a drag. you either feel exhausted or lost. exhausted cause of the studying or whatnot. lost due to the transition from enjoyin the hols, tryin to cramp info in your head days before your paper and then returning to daily sch life. it sucks. i know. but nothing beats a good book. :D

6:57 PM  
Blogger ash ng said...

UR PC IS ALIVE !!! ;p jus kiiding ! lol ! :)
hmmmm...went to the libary today also ...hehe cant borrow books cos the fine of mine is above 5 bucks ... :p

by the way, saw u in wholivesnearyou site and knows that u lives in Tampines ! cos me too ! ;p

Cheers n have a wonderful day ! :)
drop by sometime !

1:20 AM  

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