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Friday, July 02, 2004

The Different Kinds Of Right

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

There are 3 kinds of Mr Right. Mr Right, Mr Right-Now, and Mr "Rigggght".

Mr Right
Mr Right or aka "The One". This kind of guys that usually am the love of your life, and in front of him all other matters cease to exist in your mind.It's easy to become easily irrational and walk around with a silly grin on your face all day long and singing love songs and suddenly feeling that the world seems so much more a happier and beautiful place. Rare to come by, this kind of guys usually am the epitome of all the guys that you ever encounter before and can never be replaced. The kind that you can truly live with happily ever after types.
Example: Shrek.

Mr Right-Now
Mr Right-Now,the distant relative of Mr Right, they are as the name suggests perfect for right now. Usually a large part of the ex boyfriends one ever dates falls under this catergory even though some maybe seem to be a Mr Right in the beginning. For Mr Right-Nows people tend to chose them for their own diferent reasons, like a guy for a rebound, or just need companionship, a fireworks relationship (beautiful yet short-lived)...and etcetera. But sometimes Mr Right-Now may become Mr Right as well.
Example: endless... but like in Sleepless In Seattle, Bill Pullman was Meg Ryan's Mr Right until she found out that actually the true Mr Right is Tom Hanks and Bill is just Mr Right-Now.

Get it?


Mr "Riggghht".
Pronounced by dragging the "g" and in a condenscending tone, Mr "Riggght" is that kind of guy that teachs one which kind of guys to avoid in the future, which is good for us in the long run because it helps us eliminate those that are not worthy of our time faster. Of course, most probably the relationship with Mr "Riggght" will definitely be shitty but hey, at least what we can do is to learn something out of it and avoid such scums or in the future right?
Example:Can't think of one right now.. how about all the villain characters?

Ultimately, its always good to keep an open mind to in relationships go along and take it as it comes. No guys can be that person for you if you keep picking at his flaws. Its about accepting the person for who he is, warts and all. :)


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oui! y d jolyn link brin me to some porn website!!!!

R u startin to label guys?

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