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Saturday, June 26, 2004


Was reading Darren's latest entry and it was about Death, thus I will write about Life.

How should we live Life?

Of course, different people have different perceptives of how their lives should be lived, there is no right or wrong answer. Mother Theresa may gained spiritual fulfillment and contentment in life through devoting her life to missionary while my friend Theresa would rather die than give up her irc sessions.

One man's pain can be another man's pleasure.

Even literally.

The ultimate thing is finding out what makes you tick, gets you off, gaining contentment and bliss in life. Fabian believes it to be a porsche, playing majong everyday, and living in a condominium with his love by his side. All other entertainment can be sacrificed. I believed it to be with a interest satisfying job with adequate pay, my books, coffee, food, music, my friends, my love at my side and the freedom to do anything I wish to. Joann just wants her love by her side to brave what life brings to her together with him.

I personally does not have much interest in our education system. No doubt that it equipped one with skills that can enable one to find a job easier and even get a higher pay but it does not determine one's intelligence level truely. Whether a person have a shallow depth of thought can be seen through conversation. It shows lack of reflection. To live practically without reflection in life.. I think that's missing a lot.

How do one measure success in life then? Society deems that a successful person should be at the top of their working field or near it anyway, able to afford the luxuries in life like a nice car, apartment..etcetera.. but that's how society deems it to be. Such luxuries are nice to have but how about one's character, experience in exploration of the world? To live and die with only a narrow perspective on what the world is too much of a pity.

I would want to experience much of what life and the world has to offer. To be able to TRUELY live and feel alive instead of being bored and cynical, and when my time comes, I would not die regretting of not doing what I have pushed off doing.

Life to me comprises of a whole lot of things. I always thought I was confused and incoherent and sometimes too easily influenced.. on second thoughts I realised that it was because I just like too much things!

What does life means to you? To me, its:

Love. Friends. Family. Music. Books. Movies. Laughing. Singing. Dancing. Coffee. Songs. Jazz. Tea. Fun. Harmless Flirting. Guys. Girls. Making Love. Kisses. Hugs. Romance. Travelling. Night. Day. Day-dreaming. Night-dreaming. Relationships. Passion. Conviction. Reflection. Silly Thoughts. Naiveness. Happiness. Contentment. Bliss. Being Naughty. Being Loved. Falling in Love.

That's mine. What's yours? :)


Blogger i hate hypocrites who try to "correct" you said...

sam.. since you insist. but i caution you. i'm not really in my philosophical mode. so, bear with me.

i think life should be seen from different kinds of perspectives. well, we tend to see it only from our point of view. hence, the narrow mindedness. i also feel that life can be objectified. like for example, when forest gump said, 'life is like a box of chocolate' am i right? it is, if you want to think of it that way.. as dumb as it may sound, it's true. it's the simplest things that could constitute to living.

life in my personal definition is a life of total bliss. however you define bliss. it's actually all up to you. if the society thinks that a high flying job, a bmw and a having a doctrate as a happy life then that's sad. cause i can live almost penniless(though it's almost impossible here in singapore) and be happy if i'm surrounded by my loved ones. life is to be able to feel loved. to know that there's someone watching your back and when the whole world is against you, you know they're there no matter what. cause their love is so deep it transcends anything.

life to me is one that is filled with my loved ones. i can be doing anything. as long as i know they're there.

9:07 PM  
Blogger butterflylady said...

tis MY defination
life it d way U wan to, doin wat U wan
life is..toleratin d bad times to cherish d gd times
life is..bein happy, havin a beat in your step, laughter
life is..contentment n inner peace
life is..havin pple who ll B there
life is..expressin oneself with writing, singing etc
life is..experiencin, seein new sights
life is..hopin n dreamin
life is..LOVE!!! (luv for pple, for food, for shoppin)
N last of all,
life is..leavin a mark on pple, creatin memories so tat life is worthwhile

1:53 PM  

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