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Friday, June 25, 2004

Gazzy Gazzy where are you?

Was out with Joann two days back(wednesday)she's my best friend by the way..haven't been out with her alone eversince the love of her life Jason pops up.

We are really crapping a lot that day saying nonsensical things throughout the whole day, sprouting lame jokes and giggling madly... were on the train when we spy this really cute malay guy entering the train at bedok and sitting opposite us.

I was simply just checking him out madly when we hit on a idea to bluetooth him a pic.. or try to anyway since we do not know what his nick under bluetooth is. I bluetooth a mms of spiderman dancing in a queer way to this nick "Gazima" and acting nonchalent but it was pretty obvious we sent to i think. Moments later I received this photo back titled "Aaron Kwok"

have you seen him? :)

It doesn't look like Aaron Kwok to me though plus it looks like him..the same hair, eyes, complexion, but the pic is too "posey" for me to determine whether its him or not, plus I only received it just when we were about to leave the train.

So , bottomline, IF you do know this malay guy who thinks he looks like the young Aaron Kwok or goes aroud having the nick "Gazima" for his handphone, tell me! hee...


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