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Thursday, June 17, 2004

RAnt RAnt RAnt

Woke up definitely in a bad mood by a crappy person calling me . I know it must be the irregular sleeping hours that I have been keeping these past few days as well, can get pissed off rather easily by dumb and rude people.

Is it so hard to find cultured intelligent people around here? Is it too hard to ask?

Apparently yes.

AM very pissed by people throwing their weight around and barking mad like a rabid dog just because they are in a bad mood. Exccccccccuuse me. If you are having a bad day you bratty little prat, just climb back into that hole where you come from and STAY there until you decide you can drop the asshole act and be try to be civilised again.

I really think people should be responsible in this area. If you are in a bad mood and start ticking people off, you influence other people's mood as well. Like mine at the moment. Indirectly but critically, you are causing a lot of unhappiness and bad karma.

Really starting to detest spolit pampered brats who only can be pushed to doing something after countless of flattering and pampering. Only then will then grudging do something which they ought to do but also without lots and lots of whining.

I am seriously not at peace with the world right now.

What I resembles right now

........really on a warpath here arn't I. I know I'm not exactly the most hardwroking person on the planet but at least I know my limits. Freak, my own brother laze around in bed all day long.. DON'T even bother trying to get him to get up from bed to do anything else other than TV or playing his beloved computer games. His lazy frame won't move for anthing else. My mum have absolutely no control over him, no one does. My sister can't take it and they had a bigggggggg "showdown" with dramatic shouting on my brother's part just now.

Result: Ding ding, brother wins.

Back to his nice comfy fluffy bed to roll about like an invalid.

He is 14 for goodness sake.

Will really feel better if i have a punching bag right now. At least I will be throwing my anger on it rather than someone else.


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