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Thursday, June 17, 2004


I was at the library earlier this afternoon studying for my literature. Fabian was accompanying me there as since he had already ORD and school haven't started for him... oh and he got into LaSalle.

So, there I was studying and there he was, flippng through books trying to read and looking bored and listless all the time when suddenly he shoved this book under my nose which features a picture interestingly showing a figurine of an australian aborigine.

oh man..

Oh yea.. you can say the natives there definitely do not have much room in their boxer shorts.. if wearing any other than a loin cloth in the first place. After seeing this picture, I was highly entertained by my over-zealous good-for nothing over-reative imagination for a few good minutes...

*adding on a few on comical situations*

...there it goes again. But do not misunderstand, as astounded as I was, I think I would freak out if guys start sprouting equipments with proportions like this. Quite a horrendous thought actually. Don't you think so?



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