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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I'm in a mood for dreams

Have you ever sat there in the middle of the night and listening to romantic jazz songs.. or any romantic songs of your preferences, leaning out of your ungrilled window and staring down at that quiet empty street below and occasionally scanning across the twilight skies and just let your mind wander...

...standing at the window, you feel the night breeze gently carressing your face, the wind flowing through your hair, teasng the end tendrils of it, you close your eyes and enjoy the sensation of this invisble touch on your face, revelling in it, as you focus on its contact on your bare skin, right down to your eyelashes....

....the soft soothing strands of music reach your ears, enhancing the moment into magical splendour, you sink into this dreamy world of endless imagination. You dream.... dream of what you ever dreamed to be, dreamed of becoming what you hope for, what you desired, imagined in your mind what usually deemed unreal and fictious into reality...

This has always been one of my most favourite activities. Standing there in the middle of the night, listening to my favourite songs and indulge in dreams. Dreams that you experienced during sleeping as they say, transport people into a state of mind where their subconciousness tries to solve what has been troubling you and tries to solve them or maybe for guys just give them what their hormones been needed..wet dreams. Whatever kind of dreams one have while asleep, it's not withen our control to have the dreams we really want to have. So that is why, i idolised conscious dreaming so much, or in other terms, day-dreaming.

I don't really like to use the term day-dreaming as I usually like to "night-dream" instead. Its the quietness and serene atmosphere of the night that I love so much...I don't know about you but to dream at night makes it more surreal.

Dreaming is a wonderful thing, lack of dreams hinders one from learning creativity, having ambitions, progression, enjoying life fully... without dreams, one will turn into an empty shell with only information and possess no real thought, opinions and perceptives.

Some people might protest that dreaming is delusional. Well, dreaming begets motivation, and that is one of the key engery in life.

I'm happy to be a dreamer. I say let all dreamers never forget how to dream forever.


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