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Saturday, March 20, 2004

My First Love

Watched the Thailand movie "My Girl' just now..well it does provoke some nostalgic memories of one's childhood I guess.However,as cliche as it sound,I would still prefer that the ending spells a happy-ever-after for the couple instead of the guy remimiscing and thinking he'll he'll always remember her as the sweet little girl with the pigtails and apple cheeks..awww..

...makes me think of my first love.

My first love sad to say ain't that romantic.I had a teeny tiny crush on this classmate of mine in kindergarden and one fine day decide to be proactive sucking up to his mother. Yes. My Prospective Mother-In-Law. Remember when you are young and near dismissal time all your mothers would crowd around the metal grilled windows to stare proudly at their offsprings?(yes,they had air con now..the lucky new generation brats).Well.What I did was I went up to his mother and introduce myself, afterwhich told her about all the good deeds his perfect son did, stuff like.."Auntie,XXX today helped the teachers gave out the crayons and books and helped her collect them back and helped the auntie clear our cups and plates after break and help her wash them and..and...and.." short, he became the most perfect, helpful, kind,boy that have ever stepped on this sinful earth.

In the whole story,he didn't do any of all those things at all.I was only,as i repeat again,sucking up to his mother so that she would like ME.I was quite convinced she did,as she keep smiling at me through the metal grills as I kept on praising.

Ahh....actually thinking back,I'm quite impressed by myself.

What happened after that? After dismissal,hand in hand with my mother, I scan through the crowd,looking for her and..the love of my life. I spotted her,my heartbeat got faster, as I change my focus to the owner of the little hand that was clasped in was another classmate of mine.
Oh fuck..I've wasted all my energies sucking up to the wrong mother!No wonder she was smiling so strangely!

If you ask me if I still remember what the little boy looks like,or even his name,I don't, but I'll always remember this incident and tuck it into my memory of nostalgic childhood incidents. :)


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