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Saturday, June 12, 2004

are we too fixatated on appearences?... oh yea.

The, car, card, condo, country club. The climb up the social ladder, Having the time of your life, the perfect spouse(the one that looks good enough to eat and leaves everyone drooling and patting you one the back with envy in their eyes).. to have it all. Come on wake up, in reality even Bill gates look like a slob and does not even have a gorgeous wife.

Through the endless conversations with countless of friends over coffee, although many wants to be able to afford the luxuries in life but deep down what everyone wants is for someone to love and to be loved. Yea the quote of moulin rouge, "to love and be loved in return"

However I find it quite humorous actually that inspite of so many people wanting that same thing yet so little people realising it. Isn't it suppose to be that the more people with the same purpose, the higher the chance that it is going to be fulfilled? Then if it is so,then why are so many people unable to find that one person that fills their heart with joy and vice versa?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well said. Could it be that we are all too fixated in the outer package that we can't be satisfied just by a great inner one?

Have a lot to say on on this one.. but to this point there is always too much arguements such as chemisty, or preferences, or " i just like them young and pretty with great highlights and grill" NO matter what, whatever reasons provided, remember, LOOKS do fade. Hey if you choose your future partner just based on physical outlook alone, i'm sure the marriage won't be smooth sailing and one may just start sticking one's finger in another pie in time to come when you get bored with the looks and find that you two have nothing in common.

I'm not saying that people don't appreciate the finer things like intelligence, moral fiber,integrity, kindness, but they don't get appreciate as much as looks. Think of how many times you banished a person with great character and competibility to the status of "just a good friend" just because he doesn't look that great.

I'm no saint, i do stand guilty of being superficial at times but hey, no one's perfect. Just hope that I can focus more in time about being more appreciative about what a person is than what a person looks.


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