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Sunday, June 20, 2004

2 nights at Aloha~

Slept for 18hrs just now. For me that's a brand new record beating my last 16hrs four years ago. Spent the last two days at the class chalet. IT was great fun! Played lots of uno stackos.. uno. and learnt how to play bridge from wee keong.

faking a uno stacko fall .. and the emmy award winners are aliah, xiayan, helaine and wati!

We girls went for a walk while the boys cook and was chased by this ugly fearsome mutt.. there I was saying trying to be bave and telling them not to run and just try to keep quiet and walk away while i'm the one who is most afriad and they know it through my sqeaking quavering voice.. pathetic.. i was grabbing someone's arm tightly and asking them not to run endlessly while i'm the one who was about to run.. haha.. what can i say, i must protest, i really really have this aversion to great big dogs that look like that they gonna spring on me and bite my head off.

Went to the "Red House" reputably a haunted house which is probably thus due to the really antique design and that it is deserted for goodness know how many years. Afterwhich the girls watch the euro cup while the boys continues to cook.

Am pretty tickled by the fact that the girls are the ones watching soccer avidly while the boys cook intensely in the kitchen.. and i must say, and "boy" they CAN cook!

A bit peeved with myself for forgetting to take more pictures... but can always rely on the pictures that the others took i guess.


Blogger i hate hypocrites who try to "correct" you said...

planned/fake horrified looks looked real to me. haha.. had fun during the chalet man.

12:00 PM  
Blogger Guoqiang said...

Dunno why my previous comment cannot be seen, but nvm, i was saying, the pic looks absolutely hilarious! It's super funny, ok, the awards are for these girls lah, no need to fight liao, haha...

4:07 PM  

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