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Friday, July 02, 2004

An Ode To Banana Phone

Dear Banana Phone,

I'm sad to see you go..or rather gone from Helaine's blog finally. Ahh.. the times where I would bang my head against the moniter in sheer horrification once you dive into my ears whenever I click to view Helaine's blog...those were the days right? You never failed to make feel like strangling the bananas in the kitchen or give them the evil eye whenever I walk to the kitchen as well... well if i can't kill you at least it can appease me a bit if i torture your cousins instead.

I do admit that I can't wait to see you go, erased and deleted by Helaine.. but now that you are gone, there's this feeling of nostalgic that no song will make me feel so irritated like you do all the time.. exception to all Backstreet boys and Aaron Carter songs. Its a love and hate relationship for you and me.

In recognition to your influence to my life and in respect to your demise, I've decided to post your lyrics to all to see and give salute to whoever that came out with such a silly, irritating, and yet strangely addictive song.

Banana Phone - Raffi



Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone
I've got this feeling, so appealing,
for us to set together and sing. Sing!

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone
Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding donana phone
It grows in bunches, I've got my hunches,
It's the best! Beats the rest!
Cellular, Modular, Interactivodular!

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone
Ping pong ping pong ping pong ping panana phone
It's no bolagna, it aint a phony!
My cellular bananular phone!

Don't need quarters, don't need dimes,
to call a friend of mine!
Don't need coomputer or TV,
to have a real good time!
I'll call for pizza. I'll call my cat.
I'll call the white house, have a chat!
I'll place a call around the world, operater get me bejing-jing-jing-jing!

(Soprano Sax Solo)

Play that thing!
(Piano Solo)

Whooo Hooo!

Well there's that, I will miss you I guess. You never look so beautiful to me being out of my life now. Stay that way. I just want to remember you like this in your non existance. Goodbye~



Blogger butterflylady said...

banana phone has retired. it could not ringdingpingling... foreva. batt die off. he ask me to pass u tis msg.
"i'll miss u too but no worries, i ll stay foreva in your brain esp durin exams or when u're tryin to slp.
remember me always, banana phone"

10:06 PM  

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