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Wednesday, July 07, 2004


I feel good today. No idea why though, maybe its because I got out of the right side of my bed, maybe it's because of the lazing in bed till 11 this morning, maybe it's because I gave myself a self-declared holiday from school today, maybe it's because my mid year torture has just ended, maybe it's because I am listening to a deliciously happy song right now, maybe its because I'm going to town later to have a nice dinner, maybe it's because I'm gonna look pretty coz I'm dressing up later, maybe its because I'm gonna go out with my two darling best friends later, maybe my endorphins decided to give myself a treat today, maybe it's because of the perfect weather outside, maybe it's because my complexion look a bit better today, maybe it's because my eye bags disappear momentarily for today, maybe it's because my room is in a neat state again, maybe it's because I'm so enthralled by the idea of the idea that a weekend of non-studying is drawing near, maybe it's because I love the idea of night drawing near and I'll be sitting down having a drink somewhere with my friends looking at twinkle lights and laughing together, maybe it's this fantasy of meeting a tall.. dark.. handsome stranger tonight....

...ahhhhhh..I wonder why, but for now, life just feels gooooood. ;)


Blogger butterflylady said...

God, its so gay everywhere. juz b careful k. anything call d hotlines. N do don your virginal disguise. little bo peep :o)

2:59 AM  

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