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Monday, July 12, 2004

The fate of do you think he will fare in Singapore?

What if Peter Parker got all fed up in his hometown and decides to migrate to Singapore?

1.He will definitely require a flying through webbing licence.

2.Spidy will need to clean up all his little webs he leave about when swinging from tower to tower like Tarzan on vines, otherwise he will be fined for $500 and made to perform correctional work, Spidy or not.

3.He will most probably find his need love interest in the form of a young convent school girl (st margarets? katong convent?)..named Faith.

4. ...most probably may set tongues wagging and spoil reputation of a superhero by having a relationship with a young convent school girl.

5. Will be forced to wear a more "decent" looking attire than that figure-hugging spandex outfit, as a lot of residents wrote letters of complaint to the goverment about the indecent and disturbing sight of a red and blue weirdo swinging by their windows of a 12th floor HDB block.

6.Spidy will have have no villians to bust anyway due to our efficient goverment and our most hardworking police force.

7.Plus, he will be too tired to go about swinging about at night to bust criminals as he had to work overtime everyday monday to saturday..and even maybe sunday to finish up that project that he had to hand up to the boss first thing monday.

8. Furthermore, with all that fines that he have to pay,plus all that licence he had to acquire,hey..why bother!!!

9.Singapore is really too hot to swing about in that get-up.It'll be a wonder if he didn't get sun stroke or over dehydration first.

10. Again,red and blue spandex outfit? Most probably we will die laughing at his gauche outfit then marvel at his abilities...

verdict: think if he really decides to move here, will be more practical for him to offer rides around by him, $60 for a 20mins ride...will be more profitable for him and also a great use for his super powers as well.


Blogger butterflylady said...

Funny one...S'poren spidy. i'm picturing Phua Chu Kan in a spidy suit :o)

5:30 PM  

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