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Saturday, July 31, 2004


Why Why Why...!!!

Let me backtrack. For starters, I have a ONE week mc. Give me that a few months ago you would have seen me kicking in the air for joy, and brandishing it like a trophy for all to see and let my envious friends wrilt in my beaming light of happiness radiating off my gloating visage.

But noooo fate is so cruel to me. At the moment, it's wriggling its big ugly fat bottom in my face and going "nanay nanny boo hoo"

I have a case of really really bad sore eyes.

Don't underestimate it. It is really bad! I can't even open my eyes yeaterday for goodness sake. I even find the semblence of light in a totally dark room glaring. My sensitivity for light was even worse than a dying vampire... assuming that what we read always that vampires can't abhore the light is true.

Went to the polyclinic yesterday morning, the doctor who saw me thinkit was so bad that she referred me to changi hospital immediately to check for ulcers or any kind of cornea damage..scared me for a moment there too!.. so thank god its just a really bad case of sore eyes. My eyes were so painful and sensitive though..! Had to rely on my mum on the journey back home coz I can't open my damm eyes at all. Felt like I'm actually blind for real.

Backtrack again. Went to Zouk on wednesday. I was soooo drunk.. and I had only 2 glasses! My alcohol tolerance used to be way better than that.. *sulk*.

..eyes starting to irritate me again.. time to wrap the cloth around my head to play the role of the blind man again... sighhhh..


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