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Monday, July 19, 2004

Is Timing Everything?

"ahoy mate"
Recently conversations between girlfriends are revolving around missed ships, basically guys that you almost boarded but in the end sailed off without you and even worse, with someone else. 
Every singleton is like a ship in harbour waiting to sail off with the next person on deck on a journey of unpredictable weather forecast. The matter is to meet someone at the right time.
Is timing everything in order to get hold of a ship that wants to sail good?
One of my girfriend said that for her case, the ship in question wants to sail but she still wants to tour around to see what's available. In the end, when she have finally made up her mind to sail, the ship has left.
Another wanted to sail right away, but the ship in question have not got rid of its last cargo yet. She sailed off in another ship in the end. 
For my case, in the past, I wanted to sail, he does not, and he even literally sailed off to another country.
Now, there is this other ship that keeps giving the signal of wanting to sail right away but everytime when I thought it will, some crisis comes up to postphone the journey. Initially was willing full heartedly to sail out with him but now, the rush of feelings have died down a lot. Do not even know whether will board it in the end anymore seeing the confusing unstability of this particular ship..
Anyway, I say that timing has to do with everything. Its already not that easy for 2 people to connect. If you do find that certain someone who makes your heart skip a beat and brings a glow to your face and a smile to your lips, stop thinking about the other ships anymore. Of course, if you still do want to check out the other ships lining up to make sure you are making the best choice, just make sure you don't wipe your tears when you turn around and see that your pass has expired and your ship has left the harbour. If its the other way round and the ship that you set your sights on does not want to sail, that's his problem, there's always the lines of available ships still docking at the habour right? ;)
~Bon voyage~


Blogger ReelUv said...

Hmm guess the sailing theory rings true for me too. Yes..other ships will dock at ur habour but most of the ships aint the one that you have been searching for. You need a special ship that may not even dock at yr habour but maybe at ur neighbour's habour...hahaha then how? What if someone esle is oreadi sailing in that ship and never intend to get off..then how?? Similarly.. sometimes people like me..(eg:samantha..u) may get tired of all this waiting and decided to go on a holiday , away from all these waiting and constant hoping , We might just feel like hopping on a cruise ship for awhile and enjoy life (aka Dating..keke) . When you are ready..the waiting start all over again..

Right now i guess i have phobia of sailing..or sea sickness...Love is definately nOT in the air now..:)

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian here, anyway I don't have a Blogger account so dun be surprised to see the word anonymous below. Anyway, kinda agree with you but I personally feel that choosing the correct ship to board is most important. It all boils down to you yourself as well....both you and the ship as well as yourself must be ready to embark on that journey...if either party isn't ready, no point boarding at all :)

3:56 AM  

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