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Monday, July 19, 2004

Does a overdramatic show of devotion always proves that one is religious? I think not.

Do you really believe or is this just an act of habit? 
Ever been to a church recently?   
Had a friend who went to a church service 2 weeks ago and told me of her experience there. Basically there was a lot of worshippping which comprises of a lot of screaming, tears, antagonised expressions..even going weak at the knees and fainting. 
What I want to know is what happened to all the good wholesome services where people just go there to worship peacefully, listen to the pastor preach and go home with no smudged mascara and feeling peaceful? 
I am not someone that goes to church on a regular basis nor do I count myself as a christian. I do think that everyone have gone to such services at least once in their lives.   
Is there really a need to go all hysterical when praying?   
If there is, how come they don't do that in the past?   
I've been to a few chruch services here courtesy of my christian friends who feel they need to introduce some spiritual guidance in my life. Don't get me wrong, I am not anti-christ, I do believe there's a creator. Nothing can come out of nothing right? 
Some really anti-God people have asked me how was God created then?   
HOw would I know? I'm not God. Ask Him yourself after you have taken your last breathe.   
No matter how many theories or ideas one may have about the source of existance of God.. or us, that's just a whole load of speculations. Unless God just come beaming out from the fluffy clouds like the ones we see in cartoons or the old version of Hercules and say " Yoo hoooo!" no one can actually know is He there or not. That's where the Faith kicks in.   
I think it's a onion peel theory and we are only the outer surface of it.   But anyway, I just think there's a creator, end of story, and that everyone's been praying to the same Creator although there are so many versions of it.   
Ok, back to the current show of antagonised undying devotion.   
I think this intense show of emotions is encouraged for cultivating passion in the church go-ers. Come on, anyone can cry and look deeply engrossed in praying and such, but does everyone who did that really devoted? I do not think so.       
Its all such a BIG display just for appearences sake. I'm not saying that everyone there is a fake but there are more than a few. I've seen people who sinned so much in that week yet suddenly turns to an angel on sunday.. and the cycle continues. It's as if they have to show it because everyone's doing that, the crying, singing happy, and may I say again, the antagonised look.. as if they have constipated for 3 months.. or have seen the face of an angel right THERE.   
There was one point in my life where I had go to this particular chuch regularly, main reason I went there is because I like their preaching...but there's a hitch. They believe in the show of emotions mentioned aboved.   
I must admit, I did fake looking emotional and spiritual and entirely touched..sometimes.   
Hey, I was under pressure.. coz everyone's doing it!Haha..  
But I did feed my my need for spiritual guidance though.. the service and preaching is good..but having to go there every week to be a mediacorp  actress in training, bad.   
I have to say though, this new way of church service has been pretty effective, especially for youngsters. If the strategy's good and more flock has been led in by the shepherd, why not right?   Makes me wonder sometimes that does this need of overdramatic expression reflects the need for affections for the people here thus need to compensate by bursting it out in this fashion coz hey, you can't really do that in a relationship without the other party thinking you are a psycho right?   
A lot of blogs that I read reflects that actually there is a lot of lonely people out there. People are required to be able to keep emotions in check at all times to give image of a self possessed, cultivated, civilised rational person.Praying to God is perhaps the only way that one can just let go one's emotions at full force without being judged by people or making them feel that you are sick. 


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I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

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