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Sunday, August 01, 2004

I HaTe SiCk DespEraTe FuCkS!!!!

It amazes me sometimes how bad a person's conversation skills could be. Just let me demostrate by retyping from a saved file a conversation with this guy that messaged me from msm this afternoon:

him:Hi there....

me: hi there, sorri was away just now

him:its ok...working today? or at home?

me:nope, at home slacking

him:jus wanna get to know u better...R u on MC now...?what happen to you?

me:yea..have a bad case of sore eyes but getting better now, couldn't open my eyes the day b4.. have 1week's worth of mc.

him:good, so can rest lah...
him:I m actually on leave from 2molo til wed.

me:really how come? what are you working as?

him:T***** *****

me:i'm still studying

him:You look like a net fren i use to have, but she's a two timer....

me:huh?ahh.. really? hmm.. you mean she told you?

him:i mean 3timer altogether...
him:No, i found out.
him:one of them is my fren.

me:you mean she two time you and your fren and someone else?

him:Very shocked to find out.
him:Singapore is so small. Found out myself in orchard..
She skipped my appointment to say that she has a modelling assignment to do n guess what i saw her shopping wif a guy in Takashimaya..

me:woooahh.. haha.. must be a difficult experience to forget

him:she is a bit slimmer on the face... u look jus like her in this pic.

me:ermm.. ok

him:Of course, u dun look exactly like her...jus have a slight resemblance...
...when u smile...

him:so MC till when?

me:till next thursday

him:so can study at home...good wat...

him:where are u stayin at?

me:tampines many of my frens stay bedok...tampines...

him:is this ur latest pic? cos the previous one is a short hair one...i think.

me:no the previous one is with my hair up


him:how tall are u by the way?


him:wow...tall for a 1.72
him:you have a full size photo?
him:are u born in the year 1983?

me:sorri gtg!

him:I logging out now...sms when u are free at this no. 9*******. cheers!

him:If u are really bored during ur MC day...can go out have coffee together...

*I logged out*


Of coz this isn't the worst.

What do you expect me to do?!?!! Go all awwww... you baby.. oh your ex girlfriend who LOOKED and SMILED like me THREE timed YOU??!!? Let me prove it to you that we women are not that bad by comforting you day and night and try to nurse your broken little heart back by giving you all the TLC that you need..

Please don't say I'm a hard hearted bitch.. but please... if you seriously think the best way to know a girl is by opening the conversation by telling her about your traumatic past relationship you are seriously W.R.O.N.G . Gone are the days where women fall foolishly to comfort their new found new male friend who happens to be all heart broken .. grow up! We have bad relationships before as well!

ANd goodness.. what's with wanting my full size photo as well???

I felt like I was in a arranged marriage session where my fate of ever getting married is the approval of that creep that I hardly know.


Plus for all those guys who likes to go online in search for sex,
"hi there, wan to have sex?"
"Can I suck your breast?"
"anyone wants to suck my cock?
"I like to lick pussy"
etc etc etc...

Have you ever wonder why you have to go online to have sex is because you are so disgusting that no one will EVER want to have sex with you??!

Think about that, I'm sure you have tried to go to nightclubs and leer at girls thinking that it was such a sexy expression and that some dingbat who had too much to drink would be magnetised by your electric charms and have sex with you.

If you are fat and have large man breasts as well... why don't you SUCK them for a change.. of course you would if your triple chin can allow your pouting lips to reach them you sick fuck!!!

About sucking your cock.. I'm sure you have a cock the size it was on the day you was born and underneath the folds of fats it will be like looking for a needle in a haystack.. this rate, the highest probability of it being sucked in anyway is you attaining the highest level of yoga thus even you are as round as a ping pong ball you may be flexible enough to suck your own balls.

.. or use a vaccum cleaner if you are really that desperate.

About licking a pussy, well, I do not have a cat but my friend does, and I'm sure if you do you have one clean tabby cat.

I know I digress a bit, well, back to that guy who is so baaaad in makinng small talk.

Come on, it isn't that difficult actually, just talk as if you are talking to any other friend of yours. Just go with the mentality of you have already get to know the person, the ice have been broken and then just be yourself.

Of course with some limitations of coz, if you normally have the habit of spewing vulgarities all the time with your mates.. I do suggest hold that part first.


Blogger i hate hypocrites who try to "correct" you said...

no one shall go near my cats. especially you sam!

4:43 PM  
Blogger Samantha said...

oh but i didn't mentionedthat you are the fren that have the pussy cats darling! one fat.. one thin and one absolutely young... *innocent grin*

8:33 PM  

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