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Monday, August 02, 2004

Mars and Venus baby

Do people normally do things that are against their gender better nowadays? So if they do, do men and women really need each other? what is the general stereotype of female and male characteristics then?

In the past, Man are suppose to be hunters. We hunt you cook.*grunt grunt* ..kind of species. We don't like to comb over hair, move to a corner when we fart, extremely proud of overselves when we win the loudest belching contest. Clothes? Who cares if they have holes? As long as I'm comfortable in it who cares if I'll get a few shillings in my coffee cup if I just so happen to bend down to tie my shoelace and get misapprehension of being a beggar. Change our undies? Of course we do! Once a month!! Please! What do you think we are?

Nowadays things change, hair oil was invented and replaced using one's spit to style one's hair. The word metrosexual is spawn which give birth to straight gay men, who are so slick and stylish like gays but actually are straight. Don't underestimate them. They know the right kind of toner to use for each skin type, the best place for pedicures and manicures, the right colours to wear.

One of my guy friend use toner every night because he says he have oily complexion... I don't even do that!!!

The best hairstylists are all men. The best cooks are all men. The best dancers are all gays.. but still men.

..and one would have thought a woman would have done those things better.

In the past men are always the provider of women, but now?

Women don't need men to feed them, clothe them, anymore. Gone are the days where women sacrifice their own personal lives or even career to slave for their man and family after marriage. A lot of women are taking charge of their lives and being devoted in their career and think of it as more important then starting a family and having babies. Even for those with families wear the pants in the family or even shares the burden equally with their husbands. A lot of women can be or even more aggressive than men in the business field and according to one of my male friend who is working in a competitive marketing field.. scary competitors.

Women don't even need men for sex anymore. The best thing to rock a woman off and get her into a triple orgasm is a vibrator...not a man...of coz minus the physical intimacy.

Eventually men may realise they don't need women for the physical act of intimacy anymore as well. They have men! :)

Ok let me digress a bit here, if you are a man, before you grimace, maybe being gay is not your thing, it's not mine as well but what's so wrong being crooked in the first place? It's the norm that society place us that define what is the right sexual orientation for people.

Please don't even start protesting that men and women are the right combination coz the way we are built and blah blah blah....

Its the double X and Y chromosomes honey. HOw would you like it if you are a girl trap in a guy's body or vice versa?

Ultimately, as long there are what is considered straight people around man and women do still need each other.. a life without men... being a straight single gal who enjoys dating.. that will be a horror story!

..and one that I hope will never happen for me.. hehe ;)

So are men getting more feminine or are women getting more manly? Other than our physical self how can we differantiate a man and a woman in the long run?

I find that most interesting to view in the future. :)


Blogger butterflylady said...

i guess increasingly pple need d opp sex less but there ll always b d desire for a family, a man to standby u esp as u get older n wan to settle down rite? A desire for LOVE.

gotta say now though d lines btw men n women is bluring...

1:57 PM  

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