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Monday, August 30, 2004

Goodbye procasty hello panic

I am experiencing studying obsessiveness recently, which is good because I my prelims are in 13 days time..and counting.

The feeling is so intense that I will keep late hours, forgo sleep and start having an intense and concentrated feeling that I actually like studying and am interested in the things before me.

Anything that came between me and my books will be well received with a biting snarl and a piercing look that promise a thousand curses and hexes if they stay any longer.

All these are results from the impeding exams that are rushing in day by day at lightning speed!

Before this frantic hair raising fear there's the "avoidance activity" that happens everytime I'm supposed to do something I don't want to do. All of the sudden, I will suddenly feel this zealousness to clean my room, the whole house, reorganise my wardrobe.. basically everything I was supposed to do but I didn't because I procastinated. When the time comes to be really studying, I am suddenly interested to do all that instead!

I'm also a person that is based on inertia. Its very difficult for me to start working on something I don't like. If I really have to yet don't wish to and I know I can get away with half hearted attempts till the last minutes I'll just basically try to brainwash myself the whole year telling myself actually this is an actitivity that I enjoy doing.. basically anything to get my cocktail sipping lazy boy chair sitting brain to work. The progress is goddamm slow but eventually my mind will suddenly be in the state of work consciousness and the ball will finally start rolling like now.

Once the ball starts rolling, I'll suddenly be interested in nothing but studying! ...but hopefully my short attention span will not shortchange this miraculous change I've finally brainwash myself to .

Let me digress a little by saluting my teacher and mentor that have stand by me for my past 21 years:Procastination.

Oh, procastination, I always like to think of myself as a student in study of your wonderous wisdom. My favourite phrase of all time is "I'll do it tomorrow." As a student of your learnings, I'm definitely a procasdent, the word formed by merging the word with student. What's the difference between a procastinator and a procasdent you may ask. Well, a procastinator may just use the action of procastination to get away with something, using it as an excuse, as a procasdent, we have the highest profound respect and admiration for such an art and we acknowledge and recognised the great influence and benefits it have bought into our dull meaningless lives. We have numerous devotees and always wanted to start the club officially to dig out the closet procatys (that's what we call people who did not know they are actually procasdents yet but are practicising the art already) but procastinated in doing so!!

Ahh.. you have no idea what joys and fond memories I will not experienced if I have follow Procastination's hatred siblings determination, steadfastness, and resilience.I still fondly reminscised all those times of diligent learning... like those numerous times when I rather go clubbing on a wednesday night then not turning up for school on thursday.. or the time when I gaily capitalised on the phrase monday blues to skip school as well even though I don't have anything against mondays at all. There's so many other incidents I would like to share my dear readers.. but I'll do that tomorrow.


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