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Sunday, August 22, 2004

You love the way you shop girlfriend

The way you love can be reflected through the way you shop. From evidence from that small pool of girlfriends that I observed their shopping habits, this hypothesis can be 75% true.

Girlfriend no.1 likes to shop impulsively. Go into the shop and grab whatever catches her fancy without thinking whether it really suits her or not. In the end ends up with a lot of unsuitable clothes, shoes, and starts to moan and whine endlessly about her wastage.

Likewise, her boyfriends are gotten and dumped impulsively as well. Up till now, I could never remember a guy whom she dates and really get to know without rushing into being in a relationship with him.

Girlfriend no.2 likes to take her time in buying things. Too much time in fact. Everytime she goes shopping, she would drag along a trolley of friends to ask for opinions each and everytime she wants to purchase anything. Ifhe doesn't, as long as a majority of friends says affirmative to buying it, she will because well, if most of them says its good , it must be good right? Maybe she just haven't seen it as her friends did yet.

Verdict, she gets monopolized by her boyfirends all the absolutely no opinion of her own everytime when it comes to decide where to go and what to do. its a " Whatever you suggest dear." senario.

For me, I can shop with a casual eye but whenever I spot something that have the potential to prompt me to part with the precious colourful notes in my lovely wallet I would contemplate a lot on whether I should make it mine or not. Questions like "Does it suit my lifestyle? Clothes? Does it really suit me? Would I get sick of it in the long run?" Its only when I am really certain that I love it and it fits all the criterias I have then do I buy something.

Likewise in love, I tend to brush off guys that I deem I do not like that much or think will not last long in my life. You can say I am picky but whenever I go shopping and manages to find something I love and buy it, I would really treasure it, and the sense of delight is great!But if its just a trivial I-do-not-know-why-I-bought-it thing, most probably it would be left to dust until I gave it to a friend or throw it away.

There are times when I will fool myself into thinking "why not just take a chance" especially in times when I starts to feel deprived,haha.. but sadly, the emotional attachment will be zilch. Thus, I can never commit myself into a relationship unless entirely sure.

So what kind of shopper are you?


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