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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Liberate yourself

A lot of men has caused me unhappiness.

In fact throughout my life, most of the most upsettng moments in my life have been caused by men.

Reasons why they affected me so much is because unlike my girlfriends, I tend to let some of them take advantage of my to a great extent. To be absolutely truthful, for those that I've fallen in love with, I'll give them my whole heart and leave my happiness unwittingly in their hands. I will be grateful at the smallest consideration they've shown to me and my feelings will increase tenfold at the slightest act of care and love. So happy that they feel the same about me.

This is of course not great for myself as this will be a lopsided relationship. Expectations are formed at the time where it is not considered wise to. And at a failing of an expectation I'll crumble and feel extremely upset.

But towards guys that I am not that interested in, I have the most rational and great attitude. I take things slow and if not interested just some how convey it and just move on. Its a super time saver and also will not result in sending false hopes to the other party.

I think I must learn to transcend that method to guys I'm interested in as well.

Also, that I should not be so damm grateful if guys I'm interested in show any sign of interest in me. Hey, yes I'm interested but you ain't getting any special treatment until you show something as well.


Also ladies, another thought for you to ponder. Noticed the hunk standing across the room? Feeling shy and also that "he couldn't be possibly interested in you" ? So just stand there to check him out for afar?

Get those thoughts out of your head girl! :)

Think about it, guys no matter even if he ain't that good looking approaches the pretty girls to get to know them as well right? So why can't we?

If he says no, then forget it then, if he is disparaging, well, then you are lucky he refuses to get to know you in the first place.

Plus, my guy friends all said that they'll feel great if a girl takes the initiative to get to know them. :)

For those guys that differs, well, it just proves that they are bloody insecure twerps so you are better off without them as well.

If you are too shy to do so, why not get a few like minded friends to boost each other's confidence in doing so as well?

Who cares about all those opinions and criticisms from people who just ain't important to you at all in your life?

I bet you hate yourself for minding about their thoughts about you but we have to get over that.

Why should we continue in going along the hyprocrisy idea that we women should be submissive and wait for the men to make our move?

But its no point harping on and on about it and continuing following that idea still.

I love men, but its doesn't mean I will conform to their ideas of how they want me to be.

It's time for women to stop talking about liberation but doing it.

Don't just talk the talk.

Walk the walk honey.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

u noe wad..? I'm so going to die, cos I'm so so so like u man, ahha. I can really b so madly in luv w a guy whn he doesnt reciprocates or only does when he 'feels like doin so'.. a sms could perk me up for the next 2 days and being a modern lady, i'll swallow ma pride n sms him, only to get no replies, damn! ahaha. but i keep hangin on n on, tho its all gloomy n dark there.. all in the name of love, which i hold fast to.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Samantha said...

haha.. yeah.. its nonsense actually making ourselves so excited without knowing for sure whether he feels the same. in the future i'm gonna treat each and every guy the same. Unless that bugger comes up to me and i hear him say he likes me out of his own bloody mouth otherwise i wun think abt it...

.. shuo de dao rong yi, zhuo de dao nan hor... haha...

4:50 PM  

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