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Monday, September 13, 2004

Divine Powers

Saturday, Crystal, Wei Kwang, Joann and I met up for coffee cum dinner at Bugis. Crystal and Kwang wants to go to the temple at Bugis, Kwan Yin temple, to pray, and so me and Joann tagged along as well. My mum always likes to draw lots there..(or is it called that? You know the wooden bucket with a lot of numbered sticks on it?) I have a go at it as well.. I want to ask if I will have a happy contented successful life even if I didn't go to university.

COz the sterotype is if you don't go into university your Future is soooo OVER.


I had to ask. Coz its freaking me out a bit.

And this is the result :

Lot 69:

The peony plant is bare now, yet, from a single bud will spring forth new shoots and new blooms of unmatched beauty next season.

Interpretation: MEDIUM

One's aim will be accomplished although it seems futile at first. One shoots an arow to reach the void, but could not succeed. Finally, one does reach it.



I am sipping chinese tea while writing this.

... which is not relevant I know.

Whether I believe in it or not is not the point, but I guess this kind of things can provide people some comfort by giving Faith and Hope.

Its these two that sometimes gives a person strength to go on when all seems bleak and at the point of inability to move on.

Anyway,what is your own interpretation of of my lot? Tell me about it. ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Urs is the slow n steady wins the race type...

Phoenyx @

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