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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Is there really a thing such as Fate?

Remember all the time whenever you have a lightning bolt flash into your heart, the world stops whenever you met someone special? This must be fate you say. we are fated to meet.

Well is it?

I think we dramatise "love at first sight" as "Fate" too much.

Technically its just probability. Sometimes you take a longer time to like a person, sometimes you don't.

But mostly, the probability for "love at first sight" to people with good looks is pretty much higher than people with average looks.

You are just instantanously attracted, like how you are attracted to that beautiful cashmere top you spot the moment you step into the boutique.

Admit it. (or Asmit it... right Helaine? Hurhurhurhur)

But remember, how you immediately fell out of love and dismiss the "Fate" part immediately when suddenly the person in question reveals some unbearable traits that you just can't abhore?

Therefore its not really Fate, its just probability.

Every No brings you closer to a Yes. That's all.

Thus all in all, the main question right now is not hoping for "Fate" to kick in or rather how to bring your probability to " Yes Yes Yes" up.


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