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Friday, September 10, 2004

I'm sick of stupid people...

Unless you are living under a rock or haven't been living in Singapore for the past 2 months you would know that the latest suicide trend is jumping on the tracks at the mrt station.

Eversince that lady teacher who fell onto the tracks there seemed to be a sudden jump in the frequency of train tracks jumpers.

What actually goes through their mind when they chose this particular alternative to die?

"Hmm.." , (checks organiser),
" gonna die at shall I do it? Overdosage of Panadols? Jumping off a building? Hang myself?... boring boring boring..... hey wait! Jumping off the tracks seems to be in trend now! The rest of the methods are soooo over. Jumping tracks is the new way to go!"

Ok, I realise I am being mean spirited here, but as my mum commented to me last night, why can't they appreciated life?

It's not that I've never felt so depressed, anguish, upset, pissed off, maligned.. to the point that I feel the whole world is against me and in an momentary burst of negative emotions feel like ending it all by jumping out of my window.

No, don't panic, I'm not prone suicidal. Hahaha..

But it's just that I know that this stupid irrational escapism emotion will pass. Furthermore, I know that I will deeply regret my decision and I'm just being a selfish person due to the grief I will put my loved ones through if I did went through this cowardly act.

Life ain't easy to live sometimes but its perfectly beautiful most of the times.

To give it up just like that is just being stupid.


Also another point about the metal barriers some people propose to build to "prevent people from falling over the tracks"

And then there is a big hooha that the government should do something to prevent such "accidents" from happening.

I have the perfect solution.

Just stand further back.

Even if you build metal barriers, if a person meant to jump, no amount of metal barriers can stop him as well right? Its just the mater of lifting one's leg up higher to get to the tracks.

Everytime I read about those people who complain diligently that the government should step in to do something especially when there is no need to .. I put my hand to my face and combust in shame.

I just hope that my overseas friends would not read about it and laugh at me and those groups of brainless singaporens.

Why blame the government? Do we really need to be coddled like that? Are all these safety measures really neccessary? With or without that yellow line that allow us to know the safe distance to stay from the MRT, it's logical that one should stay a reasonable distance away from an approaching train right?

What's the point of saying that we are always being force feed by the government and that we want less restriction and more freedom of choice when not being able to think and act like a responsible adult?

Come on, next time you are waiting for the train at the a station and you feel afraid and petrified that some mysterious force will make you accidentally fall on to the tracks.

Don't be frighten.

Just take 3 steps back and you will be all right honey.


Blogger ReelUv said...

Wooh..someone getting sadistic here ar. Its kinda morbid the way u put it in ya as if they really wanna jump down the track and get themselves disfigured and killed.
In all these cases , afew incidents were purely a lack of cautions , one really know whether it's pure sucide onot.I mean when someone gets really depressed, to the point that "jumping off the track" seems like such a good idea to them..ITS not GOOd..they are in REAL serious TRouble..with a capital T.
Hmm , i just feel like we are not them , we will never know the extent of their depression or how it really feels to be that way YET. Maybe one day we will be in their position and then u and me won't be too quick to judge them this time right? :p

6:39 PM  

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