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Monday, September 27, 2004


Was discussing about the behaviours of sex with some friends over coffee the other day. (no.. that is not the main topic, the subject sort of pop out..haha)

..And then the subject of "demure equates wild kitty" vs "wild kitty equates bed pooper" comes out. According to some of my friends' "first hand research" or even secondary ones from similiar conversations or comments by friends usually the more demure and shy the person looks, the more adventurous and exciting in bed the person is, and the more wild the person look usually the more prudish they are.


I do not know coz I am not as "experienced" as them. Most of what I know are all secondary information. But if their "studies" is true, my eventual performance as evaluted by them through my appearence and image will be:

"Sam will SUCK in bed lah"

..And no its not an action word, more closer to the meaning of "bad", "disasterous" rather than doing the lollypop.


Frankly I do not know whether I will or not.

And truthfully I think my feelings will be rather hurt if my eventual partner thinks I am .

3 solutions provided cheerfully by my friends:

1. Practice Make Perfect

hmm..ermz, I'll think about it. Next.

2. Learn to be demure..or fake a demure image.

A more practical solution coz if you have a demure image, sexpectations of guys are usually lowered coz they will think you will probably not be that daring. Thus any movement of of the "basics" you pull on him will be recieved in amazement. However in the case of the wild kitty, it will be assumed that you already mastered every position in Karma Sutra, thus you will never match up to the sexpectations he have of you.

eg senario:

demure girl: "hey, do you want to come up?" *winks*
guy: *thinks* omigod... I'm dreaming... I never expect it!

wild kitty: " hey, do you want to come up?" *winks*
guy: "well, I already know you gonna ask, I've brought the whip, I suppose you have the cuffs at your place already right?"


3. Be a lesbian

Which I have no idea why its considered a solution coz its more like escaping the problem.

Plus I'm v.selective about the girls I fall in love with.




I think I'll have to start reading up and practice doing the pretzel from now on...... when I have the time.
Err..anyone have a copy of the Karma Sutra to borrow then? Hehe..


Blogger Midst of the Woods said... to know your blogs through the interesting comment you made at xiaxue. You really have a sense of humour. If what you say is true, then I guess all the poor guys like us will have a hard time trying to figure out what a girl wants!

1:06 AM  
Blogger Samantha said...

Nah, just be yourself I say, at the end of the day, its better to attract girls by your true self than to fake an image. Well, if you just be yourself, at least you know that the girl really likes you for who you are than the person you are pretending to be. :)

2:01 AM  

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