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Friday, October 01, 2004

"Dirty" story

A guy friend of mine commented to me the other day.

"Sam arz.. why your blog so..scandalous sometimes one arz? I very uncomfortable reading the part in Zen and Greg where the what Leong ask the mole woman to take her clothes off leh..and I think you sometimes too opinionated. If too opinionated later all guys scared off by you...aiyo and if you want to write something kinky and write a bit more exciting or not.. not shiok leh."

Think the reason why he was uncomfortable with it it that the woman is ugly and it was not racy. No guy wants to imagine ugly people having sex. It "depresses" them. If I had wrote a different story deciphering the woman being extrordinary pretty and the man damm handsome and that they are having a secret hot affair, the reactions will be different.


"You are late today.." he murmered as he pressed his nose into her hair to smell the perfume lingering there.

"Rick stopped by the office just now to take me out to dinner. He has been treating me extra nice these couple of days.. I'm afraid he is getting suspicious of us. Ahhh.." she scream softly with delight as his nails dig into her thigh and slowly travel up.
"Close the door.. what if someone passes by..?"

"No one will, not at this hour they won't. ANd what can they do if they see it, I'm still their boss." He smiled down wickedly at her and carried her to sit on his desk.

"No not here! What if someone sees us? Oh .."

With one fluid hand motion, he swept everything off the desk onto the floor. He stood in front of her and pushes her knees apart, pushing up her skirt at the same time to position himself close against her.
"I don't care, you are mine. I have to have you now." he starts unbuttoning the buttons of her silky white shirt to reveal the black lacy bra inside, and kisses her neck while he pushes her down onto the desk...


I have to stop.. I'm blushing madly at this point.

But you get the difference?

Its just a mild example. But I think maybe its the part where the guys imagine the fat mole woman doing it with a ugly fortune teller freak them out. My dear friend don't get that that part in "Zen and Greg" is supposed to make you feel mildly uncomfortable not horny. You are supposed to feel disgusted and mildly disturbed by them, not because they are ugly but because what they are doing is wrong and the fortune teller is making her doing it against her will.

As for the above paragraph, if I had written it in a more explicit and detailed way creatively using diction like " lick", "suck" , "dick", "fingered", "breast"," nipples", "balls" and etcetera, I'm sure there will be comments for encore.

But this is my blog, and I can jolly well write everything I want. I'm writing for my pleasure not yours.

Thus unless I get paid really good for writing dirty stories otherwise I don't really relise the idea of purposely writing to benefit guys blowing their loads off on my words. It will be like indirectly giving them a handjob which I am not exactly jumping in my seat to perform.

Also,why should I be less opinionated? Again, its my blog, not yours. I write mostly for my own self amusement. Yes, although I admit that sometimes I write to amuse others but there MUST be the element of amusing myself to write it. If I'm not interested in writing something no matter how much it'll make you happy, I won't do it. Write your own if it makes you happy.

Writing in a safe, mundane way not only makes me feel bored and uphappy with myself for being such an uncharacterless person, I don't think anyone who read it will feel its interesting as well.


Today, I woke up at 9am. Was feeling very tired still so I went back to sleep for another hour. I had lunch yesterday with Helaine, Xia Yan, Suhara, Aliah, Wanru and Mariam. I have rice with black pepper fish and veggies. Not bad lah. I didn't do much yesterday after that but go back to school to study with Mariam. I think I will go out later to study. Will update what I did later when I get back..hee.. :)


I find that highly unentertaining.

So conclusion: If you like what you read, thank you v.much. If you don't then don't read it then. The worst cases are always those that keep criticizing yet keep on coming back to read. What's your problem?

I get that feeling that they want to reform me to be like the typical demure girl. Sweet, simple (on the surface..haha..come on don't keep yourself in the delusion that you are!). The reason why they keep coming back to read even though they claim that it's full of crap is because they like it mah.... or they have nothing better to do, so grudgingly waste their time reading my blog and feel superior by pointing out mistakes.

Hehehehe... well, anyway, whatever you think of it, thanks for stopping by to have a read then. :)


Blogger butterflylady said...

hmm... Zen, Greg scandelous meh? decent compared to "dickirella" n romance novels wat. ai yah, samantha is a scandel herself. cant imagine u otherwise

9:34 PM  

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