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Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Importance of being EARNEST.. and practical

"My Blurred Life"

Yesterday I went out with Shan to "Round Midnight". Its a jazz bar featuring a live band and I have to admit its good, especially the jamming sessions which only start after 3am.

I met this interesting guy called Hugh last night, He's from New Zealand and only been here for 6months. Had a really nice and wonderful talk with him last night.. coz he's just a great conversationist which is really hard to find for me!Although we talked a lot, but the main thing that strucks me the most about the whole conversation is how little I know about Singapore.

He has only been here for 6 months and he knows much more about the politics of Singapore than I do! Yes, I do admit I'm a v.non-serious person who only likes to indulge in songs, music , books, food, theatre and movies.. but hell, at least I should know more about my own country right?

But also it may be also what he say when you go to a new country, you tend to see things with new eyes thus am more interested in finding out about things.

Guess I have been taking my country for granted. *wry smile*


I love my country and I would seriously discriminate people who turn their noses up at it or locals who keep on blamming Singapore and ratter on and on about how wonderful living in other countries is. Its like having wonderful parents who love you and take gd care of you but still dreams of having your friends' parents instead just because they are more appealing to you in certain aspects. I find politics interesting at times, but I guess I always had things that I rather do and indulge in than reading up on it. I don't make the effort.

But I'm getting better, Humaize the PAP supporter can be always counted on to educate me on the political aspects here since he's heavily active in it.. :)


I'm a leech.. a lazy learner. I suck up other people's wisdom to gain my own.

But that's not an excuse! My lack of knowledge of current news is simply apalling..haha.. guess have to start putting down the ze books of fancy and start reading up on books that are more practical and important to mankind.

Subject of books to start reading up on:

1. financial market
2. technology
3. singapore's political history
4. ..any other country's political history
5. dummies guide to stocks and shares
6. war
7. .....and etcetera that I have not thought of yet.

Give me till end of the year to start sprouting statistics and numbers and give my comments about how well or how poorly goverments from other countries are doing, our economic development, nasdex.. and such and such wicked taxing stuff.

.....if I haven't bore myself to tears through this process of mind improving self improvement by then.

I must perservere! Its obvious through my blog that all the things I write about is love.. yadda yadda yadda.. bitching.. yadda yadda yadda.. crap.. yadda yadda yadda.. fiction stories.

I shall be a intellectual well rounded individual who will have my finger firmly inserted into the whirlpool of society's self invented idiocracies and self burden..ridiculous but since everyone says its so important, it must be then.

If you can't beat them. Pretend to join them.

I wonder if my set of the Bluffer's guide to all these subjects be more than sufficient.


The lack of sleep is getting to me.. I'm getting incoherent my mind is starting to get filled with images of Tellytubbies, jellybeans and Popeye making love to Ernie.... needs Zzzzz..

..ok that last one was a joke but anyway.. gd night everybody.


Blogger butterflylady said...

wonder who took tat artistic pic? ernie n popeye? u r SO sick sam. hehe! well, i'm a politics idiot too. dun tink its gd to force knowledge on pple when they r not interested...

9:04 PM  
Blogger Samantha said...

Haha... yea must give you the credit right? yea, the phot is taken by HELAIN ZHANG HUILING PHOTOGRAPHER OF ZE YEAR!!!

Actually, its not that I'm not interested in politics but most people dicuss it in such a boring rigid way that it absolutely throws me off.

I just need humour in everything lah. Hah. :)

4:47 PM  
Blogger Samantha said...

oh yea.. fabian say that photo look slutty... *bleh*

4:57 PM  

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