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Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Beach and the Sea

What do you do when you are suffering from a writer's block?

I am. I am simply at a loss for what to write.. nevermind I'll think of something.


The beach and the sea

The beach and the sea are good friends. At all hours, the sea would always rush up the shore to say hello to the beach and lovingly carass it when it went away. Never will it stay away for long, and the coast loves the attention that the sea gives it.

Each time the sea rushes up to visit the coast, it would whisper some sweet nothings to the beach, give it beautiful presents like pretty seashells and soon the beach was enthralled.. The beach soon yearn for the sea's arrival each time it left and that it would stayer longer instead of just rushing in and out so quickly.

The sea smiled when the beach express this but as usual without changing rushes in and out quickly and still whispering sweet words to the beach.

The beach decides to go move nearer to the sea so the sea could stay longer.. deeper and deeper it went into the sea and more and more it wants for the sea to stay.

The beach doesn't realise that the sea cannot stay, it is its nature and it cannot be changed, also that slowly the beach itself is eroding away as the waves now became stronger as the beach moves down to be nearer to the sea. "move away.. stay away.." the sea said, but still the beach press on.

Soon in time, the beach has lost so much of herself into the sea that she is now just a shadow of her former self.


When is moving too close resulting in it being detrimental then? You decide.


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